UDIMI REVIEW: Generate Targeted Traffic from Solo Ads

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Do you want targeted traffic to your site? Do you want to get sells 24/7? Or you interested in building a vast email list? Then you come into the right place. I know this work is not easy to do, and most people take quite a long time to manage this work. You must have heard different ways to generate traffic into your site by using Google ads, Facebook ads, Bing ads. But today I am going to show you a platform “Udimi” which done all of this work for you within a short time of period.

Let’s go deep and down in these Udimi Review.

What Is Udimi?

Udimi is a marketplace where you can buy traffic for your websites. It is a network of solo ads providers there are so many vendors on here that have a massive email list with targeted quality leads.

Udimi is actually a third party between buyers (who wants traffic) and the seller (who provides traffics).

The registration is absolutely free, and you can use this platform without any prior commitment. All you have to do is provide a legitimate email address and your name. Your account will be ready in a minute, and you can browse this marketplace and find the best sellers of solo ads for your project.

It is excellent because sellers don’t just promise to send hundreds of emails for you. They actually make sure that people open up, whether it’s a link or a page, so it’s incredible. It’s pretty close to Facebook ads, but it is even better these people know how to email and market products, and there is a lot of things they use for calculating things.

Like the example, you are selling a digital product on Shopify or Amazon, and you know how to do social media marketing, or maybe you are doing affiliate marketing for some type of software so you can go to udimi and find sellers who have quality leads who will purchase what you have to offer.

What are Solo Ads?

If you are involved in marketing business. You must have heard of solo ads.

If you are starting a business and want buyers for your product, you cannot send emails to your subscribers one by one. We need a tool that sends the bulk of emails to the subscribers and makes sure that they are visiting on my sale page. For this purpose, I recommend Udimi solo ads.

In a marketing world, the solo ads are email you buy from the seller, and then the seller directly sends your ad to all the email lists.

The best solo ads mean when subscribers opened your link and do something on your sale page like they subscribe to you or buying your product.

Facebook or Google ads take a long time and a lot of money for generating traffic, but on the other hand, Udimi is quite easy and cheaper.

How Udimi become different from other solo ads Providers?

Every solo ads you buy from udimi, it delivers in a very effective way. But in case the seller is not delivered and makes you unsatisfied with his work. Then you have a chance to create a dispute with the seller.

Joining as a buyer, we found it very easy to work here. But as a seller, there is always a fierce competition between you and your other competitors.

Udimi has two policies which protect the buyer from scammers sellers:

Firstly you don’t need to pay any amount, if the clicks are generated from BOT or worthless clicks.

Second, if the sellers failed to give an exact number of clicks or targeted traffic which you expected, then you can get back the exact amount with your account.

How do you use Udimi:

Here are some steps in which I give you a brief explanation on buying solo ads from udimi

  1. First, Click Here To Create a Free Udimi account.
  2. After registration, you search the marketplace where you can use the filters and sort out the vendors according to their targeted traffic, pricing, turn around time, etc.
  3. If you are interested in better clicks. Then I recommend you to use sales and rating filters to sort out the vendors in ascending order. After this, you will see a glimpse of top best vendors, along with their performance and customer reviews. This advice will surely help you a lot in this matter.
  4. Once you have chosen your vendor, Just click the on the slide change, select number of clicks you want from your seller. Then specify the date and URL in which click should be delivered.
  5. In the end, complete your order by clicking on add to cart button and confirm the payment. After placing an order, you can access vital statistics, you can also able to track past ads seller’s performance.
  • The Best advantage of this platform is it connects buyers with only registered sellers. As I have discussed earlier, every seller must pass through the test to prove their email listings. This benefit makes udimi unique from another marketplace.
  • The other advantage is for the protection of buyers. This policy is as same as PayPal gives to their buyers. They make sure that the BOT clicks automatically filtered out, and the buyers get real clicks.
  • Feedback from customers maybe it good or bad, it won’t delete in anyway, I found it quite a good advantage. It makes it easy for users. 
  • By rating people and buying ads, you will randomly get $5 discount.
  • It is the most comfortable place for finding solo ads.
  • You have to pay an extra amount for every new order and more advanced filters.
  • Most sellers only accept make money online niche.


If you are looking for quick traffic and converting massive email lists, I recommend you this Udimi platform is best for you in my vision because you don’t need to spend lots of money on Facebook or google ads, backlinks, SEO. Udimi is an excellent tool for marketing your sales page or product. Finding the best solo ads, sellers are tough, but it will make it easy for you in this tool. I suggest you try udimi solo ads for marketing.

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