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In this article, I’m going to present my honest review about Toonly (an animated explainer video software). I know It isn’t easy to compete with several online businesses in today’s era. Yes, it is a sad reality; most people find it challenging to create their existence among hundreds and thousands of ongoing businesses.

To be prominent and stand out in today’s marketplace, people spend more and more money trying to reach their target audience. This is called investment to promote your new business. Still, promotion with investing too much money is not a desirable condition because you are not sure either your business will get success in the future or not. This will even cause a worse result than ever.

So how do you exactly cope up with this situation?

I know that many of you are thinking about the best possible way to promote your business with a small investment. But, you are clueless and don’t exactly know what to do for your brand promotion.

You can do it only by creating an animated explainer video, which is the easiest and the cheapest way to promote your business. These small animated videos are super-enjoyable. You can add more drama and suspense to grab your audience’s attention.

Which animated explainer video software will do the best job for you?

After going through several animated video software, I have found Toonly the best among all. Because of its unique and accessible features. You don’t need to be a specialist and don’t need any special skills to use toonly. Above all, this is the cheapest software that anyone can afford. It works on the simple drag and drops principle. All you need to drop everything into the picture, now add certain motions and dialogues and wanna you are all set with your video. See how simple it was to use Toonly.

This software comes with different built-in animations and covers a variety of niches in various sectors. You can also add your image in the video as a background or the center image.

The main feature of this software is that they keep their coding lock, which will make the software easier for the beginners. But, one thing about Toonly is not acceptable for me, that it doesn’t offer an auto-save option. There is a possibility that your PC might hang or shut down automatically for any reason. You will lose all your efforts if you don’t save it by yourself.

My Toonly Review will cover all the pros and cons and its appealing features that attract people who search for quick, easy, and cheap ways to promote their business or teach something to their audience.


  • Previously you needed to hire a team of developers to create an animated video for you because you have less or no knowledge regarding video making. With toonly, you cannot only create video smoothly, but you can also add various features and animations regarding your niche.
  • Unlike other software, Toonly offers you complete control over your videos. You can go back edit and then come on the launch page again. You can do editing until you get satisfied.
  • The animated characters Toonly provide user-friendly and so cute, that the audience gets easily attracted towards it.
  • Only toonly offers your a money-back guarantee. Get started with toonly and keep working on it for 30 days. If you don’t like the software by any means, you can cancel your membership before 30 days. And you will get your money back. Isn’t this cool? I mean, who gives such an offer?


  • As mentioned above, the only feature I don’t like about toonly is that it doesn’t offer the auto-save option.
Main features of Toonly:
  • Offers you tons of images and animated characters.
  • With toonly, you don’t need to bother for multiple computer licenses.
  • You can easily manually save and export your files.
  • Lastly, it is easy to learn that you don’t need to hire an expert anymore if you have toonly.
How Toonly works?

It doesn’t require much effort, you simply need to launch the software, and you can start right there. Select the scene or background of your choice and get started. If you are confused about your starting point, you can select the scene which covers your requirements with a little bit of customization. From there, you can pick and drag the images, audio, and people you want to add in your video. You can also record your voice and import it into your video. Wow! Such an incredible feature it is.

How do you find Toonly different from Doodly?

Doodly and Toonly both offer animations, but doodly revolves around hand animation and text, and the animated characters are simple. Doodly is usually used where the video is based on a substantial amount of text, whereas Toonly offers more advanced features than Doodly in the form of text, sound, and animation. Toonly provides the text in the form of broad headings.

As far as animation is compared, toonly offers more advanced animations than doodly. But, in my opinion, both software are having their specificity and unique characters. I guess there is no comparison between them.

Is toonly pocket friendly too?

Yes! Of course, without any doubt, I can say that toonly will not be a burden over your pocket. As toonly offers two types of payment plan

  1. Standard plan
  2. Enterprise plan
toonly, toonly review, explainer video software,

Standard plan

This plan offers you about 30 characters with 17 character animations. Along with them, you will get a variety of backgrounds, prop images, background audios, and much more. And you can create many videos for just $39 per month.

Enterprise plan

This plan offers you 68 characters with 30 animation characters. Wow! How cool this plan will work for you. Not only this, but this plan will provide you with a lot more features in just $69. So, you see either you buy a standard procedure or the enterprise one you will benefit from both.

Customer support of toonly

You can contact their support team via emailing them at, or you can reach them via their page FAQs at

Final thoughts

If we talk about overall features, toonly is offering a lot for its valued customers. And the software is straightforward and easy to use without any particular course or knowledge. So, we can conclude that toonly is serving as one of the best video explainer software.

toonly, toonly review, explainer video software,

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