Statusbrew Review 2023: Manage Your Social Media in One Place

Statusbrew Review

Whenever we hear about social media management tools, a lot of questions arise, and they all are valid because you can’t rely on them without testing them. We all know that setting up a business is not a thing that can be done overnight. We have to put lots of effort and work day and night so our business can establish, so how can we trust some management tools? Well, the answer is simple: you have to figure out every feature according to your needs and, of course, the budget.

There are many wonderful options in the market, but when it comes to choosing the right one, we get confused because new users don’t even know which feature can change their market game or is suitable in this pricing bracket.

Unfortunately, you don’t need to get lots of stress. We are here for your guidance today. We developed one of the social media management tools, “Statusbrew “. It has lots of features which we go through deeply and at last I will give my final verdict.

 What is Statusbrew?

Statusbrew is a social media management tool with trusted 16 million users worldwide. It comes up with all the essential features that can establish your business or brand over a certain period. It ensures that you connect with your clients or followers to build a healthy relationship with your audience. Its best thing is it’s suitable for every kind of business.

Its main concern is to maintain consistency. Statusbrew was founded in the year 2011 by Rishabh Mahajan, and it is a Japan-based company. They are developing and advancing their features and tools according to the trends and social media marketing.

What Top Features Does Statusbrew Offer?


Statusbrew Publishing feature

We all know that publishing is the main feature of any social media management tool. With its perfection, we canlight up the marketing game. StatusBrew has an outclass publishing feature to ensure that your website or linked social media platforms get more audience reach without doing any extra hard work. You can customize any post and efficiently publish it on many social media platforms with a live preview.

It allows you to schedule your post according to your desired time or other queuing system. It provides its users with an intuitive planner for creating market strategies. You can manage and control the workflow and approval permissions, decreasing unnecessary hustle. It allows you to drop notes on posts and get approval from your desired person. Statusbrew has built-in boosting, UTM Links, audience targeting, and brand collaboration in your social media campaigns. It allows you to compose your post with attractive videos, images, and text snippets for your brand.

StatusBrew helps you to share brand content assets with your team members for better results. It’s better to get proper insights of your brand to analyze the performance on social media platforms. It gives you 230+ metrics and analytics to stay updated moreover compare your brand with market competitors.


Statusbrew engagement feature

Becoming more active on your social media platforms or website is compulsory when running a business. It helps engage with your fans or followers. You can turn your audience into advocate customers and brand loyalties. You get all the conversations and messages of your linked social media platform on a single platform, its Inbox. You don’t need to go through every query. You can use its filter and manage conversation utilities to get one step ahead.

Statusbrew allows you to assign conversations to team members, track team performance and activity, and leave internal notes. It has collision detection to avoid sending the same reply again and again. You can save lots of time. It automatically hides, deletes, ad comments, and reports organically. It provides you space to create custom rules for automation on its Inbox based on Keywords, Networks, sentiments, and many more. You can convert your social CRM into your targeted audience.

You can allow the team members the right details so that they can convert more customers.StatusBrew notification system notify you about the most convenient channel (for real-time responses). You can get notifications on Mobile and desktop via email notifications that are easily customizable. By StatusBrew, you can get the most important engagement KPI.


Statusbrew report feature

Now, analyzing your brand performance on different social media platforms with StatusBrew analytics features has become easy. It provides you great vision of your brand’s progress against other competitors. It provides many report templates; you can customize or build your own using widgets. You can share or Export reports with your clients and team members.

You don’t need to switch to multiple social media platforms for insights. StatusBrew gives you all the insights on a single platform. You can have a bird view of all your linked social media platforms. Build customized reports with 230+ metrics and save them easily for viewing or simply download them in CSV or PDF format. You can do more with the report, like you can add your brand logo and export reports. It efficiently shares the reports with the clients.

 Social Groups & profiles:

StatusBrew allows you to create profiles and groups with your workforce to engage more with your audience. Posting content must be engaging and need proper effort. We all need software solutions to uplift our team Collaboration and management capabilities. It settles and maintains consistency and decreases the chaos.


We only establish our business or brand once we know our audience. You can specifically figure out your targeted audience and can make many efforts for them organically.StatusBrew has outclassed filters that can filter out your audience according to multiple dimensions like age, gender, or more. Statusbrew alternatives like buffer do not offer these features now, and no doubt it is necessary to be aware of your fans or followers. You can get the full insights of your followers on different metrics, for example, their Tweets per day, language, verified user, Account age, and most important, fan/followers count.

Statusbrew pricing and Plans

Statusbrew Pricing

Statusbrew offers 3 pricing plans and a free trial to satisfy you with this platform.

Lite: It charged $89/month and $69/month if billed annually. It also gives you a 7-day free trial. You can add up to 5 social profiles, 2 users, unlimited posts, best time posting queue, hide comments, and email support.

Standard:It charged $179/month and $129/month if billed annually. It also gives you a 7-day free trial. You can add up to 10 social profiles, 5 users, social media reporting and publishing, Facebook and Instagram comment moderation, and Google My Business integration.

Premium: It charged $99/month and $229/month if billed annually. It also gives you a 14-day free trial. You can add up to 15 social profiles, 8 users, standard features plus sentiment analysis, paid social and team reporting, assignment and approval workflow, priority, and email chat support.

Enterprise: You can chat with them to make a custom price according to your needs. It is best for an organization that needs additional features and support. It gives you premium plan features plus separate client login, custom integration, 1-1 team training, dedicated account manager, and SAML single sign-on support.

Additional charges:

Profile add-on: $15/month per profile
User add-on: $30/month per user
Agency plan: $49/month per client

Statusbrew Alternatives:

Content studio is an Al generated social media management tool which allow the user to create desired content by modifying it. Content studio provides automatically posting on famous social media accounts at a time.It is budget friendly and comes up with 14-free trial . It schedule your posting moreover it has calender to keep track on your posting.

Social pilot comes up with various features to encourage and thrust your posts. It assists your social media accounts moreover schedule content on different social media platforms. It can post content for you automatically on popular platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, TikTok, and Tumblr. You can try it for free and then upgrade to the paid version with more automation features.

Buffer ensure that the audience interaction must be built organically. On the other hand, it’s budget-friendly and extremely good for promoting small businesses or companies and brands. It has features to ensure that your published content must be accurate and relatable to the audience. Buffer publish is the main app by which you create and schedule upcoming posts. Many people refer to “Buffer,” but they actually want to address Buffer Publish.

Statusbrew Pros & Cons:


  • Great insight tool.
  • 230+templates for creating reports.
  • Latest Social listening tool.
  • Engagement tool is worth it.
  • Social inbox to gather all queries onto one platform.
  • 7 days free trial
  • Team collaboration features.


  • Quite complex design.
  • Features that help to grow the audience are limited

Statusbrew Final Verdict:

Now it’s time to unfold the truth about StatusBrew. Well, it is undoubtedly one of the finest tools for social media management, with all the Main features. It has the best engagement tool to organically derive more traffic on your website and establish your brand or business on the next level. It understands the need of responsive to the clients. It has automation features that uplift lots of loads from your shoulders. Moreover, you can add and assign many tasks to your team members to increase the workflow stably. You can create strategies for enhancing your business or brand on multiple social media platforms.

It provides analytics so you can get proper insight into your brand performance. You get notified whenever someone comments or mentions your brand. StatusBrew has a top-notch interface, which helps manage social platforms. It integrates with many social media platforms, so you do not need to bounce between apps.

Now let me tell you it’s not that cheap compared to its alternatives, but it is worth it at this price. I hope you find it useful and will help you make the right choice for your business. This review is totally unbiased and totally depends on my personal experience.


Q.  Does it offer a free plan?
A. Yes, it comes up with a 7-day free plan to understand it better and choose the right one for your brand or business. It has paid plans, which include multiple features according to the pricing.

Q. Can we handle our Statusbrew account through mobile apps?
A. Fortunately, it has a mobile application for Android and iOS users. You can manage your account anywhere, anytime. You don’t need to use the desktop to handle your multiple linked social media platforms to the statusbrew.

Q. Can we change the plan anytime?
A. Yes, you can change your plan anytime and switch to other plans. All you have to do is go to your statusbrew home page and click the billing option. Then, from the left, choose manage and click on the upgrade button. That is it now. Change your plan. Your payment credentials are updated.

Q. Is it integrated with other apps?
A. Statusbrew integrates with many famous social media platforms like Salesforce Sales Cloud, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and  Meta for business.

Q. How many languages does it support?
A. Statubrew offers many languages, such as Arabic, English, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Q. Is it offering an API(application programming interface)?
A. No, unfortunately, it does not support an API

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