Sked Social Review 2023: Is it the Ultimate Instagram Scheduling Tool?

sked social review

We all know the use of social media platforms and their benefits. Nowadays, people are running their businesses or promoting their brands proficiently and receiving more website traffic. Running a business on social media platforms seems easy, but it’s not a cup of tea for everyone.

AI is the new addition to this digital world, encompassing the latest research curated data and doing many wonders. Social Media Marketing needs professional assistance and a bird’s eye to track every dimension, which is impossible for new users. It takes lots of time to become proficient in handling social marketing. However, as we all know, “Need is the mother of invention”. Many social media management tools do all the professional work for you by charging you some money.

Today, I reviewed the social media management toolSked Social and gave my final thoughts about its features and pricing and tried to make it simple so you can deeply understand.

 What is Sked Social?

Sked Social is the latest and most popular social media management tool with multiple features like publishing, post scheduling, team collaboration, reporting, and social inbox. It manages as well as handles your social media profiles. Sked Social offers features mainly for Instagram users but is not limited to it. You can do much more with it. It helps you to schedule content for YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and Google Business Profile.

What Top Features Does Sked Social Offer?


Sked social

Sked Social comes up with an advanced Planner for your social media platforms. It allows the user to plan visually and schedule multiple posts. You can create your content by your creativity or copying it from another website and adding your requirements. It helps you to add your content visually on a specific day with its visual social media planner. It not only schedules the post, but you can also plan and schedule your videos and reels to it in a visual calendar.

Sked Social efficiently suggests the most trending social media content and helps you easily build a strategy to enhance your performance. You can increase engagement by Publishing attractive AI-generated content so your website gets more traffic. You can manage multiple social media platforms and client engagement in one place. You can use its holiday calendars to schedule your posts and import editorials. This helps you to engage more with your audience.

Sked social AI insights give you a complete overview of your market competitors’ content, growth, and path to increasing followers. You can use its AI templates, or you can customize it so you can deliver captivating content. It allows you to create standout captions, emojis, and hashtags by simply using its Captivate AI. You can reuse the templates you frequently use in your text, user mentions, and hashtag groups. You don’t need to bounce into multiple accounts. Sked social allows you to share the posts of your followers or fans who have tagged you.

It’s great for designers, too. Before publishing, they can draft pixel-perfect content to overview how it looks on multiple social media platforms. You can properly choose the right size of images for different platforms, allowing you to integrate with Canva. You can even overview every post before scheduling or organizing it on it is a visual calendar. It allows you to rearrange the required post with its drag-and-drop grid planner or for your Instagram grid.


Sked social review

Sked Social knows the importance of team Management, which helps you work with multiple collaborators. It provides its collaboration feature without charging any extra penny. You can easily centralize your multiple social media planning, feedback, and discussion and take approval decisions in one place. You can engage your team members and clients with automatic notifications at the right time. You can easily keep internal comments off the side and share the external comments with the reviewers. Sked Social gathered all the things with comments.

Sked social allows you to create approvals of workflow efficiently, totally on your will how many steps you need along with the triggered actions. You can overview the prominent post by its calendar and choose the right one for Posting. You can have great access to its permissions features by which you can Allow the internal or external collaborates to see the action you want them to see.

Sked Social helps the team members and the stakeholders to keep insights into their Instagram grid through its visual Instagram planner. They can see the grids for days, weeks, or even months in advance. Its post preview helps anyone linked to the account to view captions, content, and tags before publishing on social media platforms. It has a Branded approval portal, which is tremendous for the stakeholders and clients. You can easily customize the themes or your portal links, which works great for your brand. You can tailor the approvals workflow and set it for client or stakeholders’ needs.


Sked social review

Sked Social excels at its publishing features. You can automatically publish the content on your multiple linked social media platforms. It proficiently posts the content at the right time, so you don’t need to worry about publishing or posting content manually. It helps you to drive more traffic on your website and grow the engagement. 

By setting your schedule on automation, sked social publishes the content when your active followers or your targeted audience are more activated on social media platforms. It helps to save your tons of time . Its personalized “Best time to post” recommends the right time and optimizes your posting schedule. You can also auto-publish the images, text, and reels for your Instagram account, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. You don’t need to copy and paste your content on multiple social media platforms. It helps you to handle all the posts on one platform. 

It allows you to do more with your Instagram account like you can auto-publish the stories (along with links stickers) simply stories directly from your gallery. Not only all this, but it helps you to Auto-publish the first comment, hashtags, and location tags.


As well know, engagement is necessary to get more audience attention. Sked Social has advanced engagement features. Sked Social “Inbox” has many features that allow you to respond to DM-tagged posts across all your social media platforms as a team. You don’t need to switch multiple accounts to be responsive. You can handle and manage all your queries on a single platform. You can rapidly reply to the brand people’s queries and engagement by using its AI-assisted responses. You can turn UGC from the tagged-in posts and mentions into content by clicking some clicks, and you do not need to switch to other accounts.

You reuse the generated content by your followers. It showcases your love and support for them. You can view when and where your followers or fans tagged you. Sked Social allows you to import content from its library along with user attribution and captions. You can assign the task to your team members to respond the queries and messages. It helps you use the internal comments with your team members to make the perfect response in different high-stakes situations. You can save tons of time with its AI assistant it replies to the most frequently asked questions.


Sked social

Sked Social allows users to add customized links to the bio page featuring your required and favorite links. You can also use default or design your onboard link in the bio with buttons. These buttons send your followers to the high-converting pages. Sked Social knows how to drive more traffic to your website, allowing you to add a link in the bio tool, shoppable gallery, and product tags. You can overview your grid by its link page and efficiently send followers to your post by the link in your profile’s bio.

These strategies increase audience engagement, And it becomes faster when mobile users use it. You can easily tag your products in posts so your customers can reach to ship directly by following some simple clicks. You can schedule your post to auto-publish, especially with your Instagram product tags. Whenever you publish your post along with the product tag, it automatically adds you to your sked link shoppable gallery.

Sked social allows you to integrate with your Meta pixel to get more attributable sign-ups and, most importantly, sales by remarketing the campaigns. You can also easily connect with Google Analytics, which will help you to get complete insights like who is visiting your SKED link, Who clicked the links, and the conversion data. It allows you to track the metrics of your sked link.

 Optiimize / Analytics:

Sked Social has prominent analytics features that help you track your performance on multiple social media platforms linked to your account. In order to deliver curated and relevant content, it is important to keep insights into your audience’s demand so you can efficiently publish high-quality content. Sked Social provides metrics per your priorities, such as page analytics, channels, posts, and followers. You can set personalized metrics and view them in your overview Dashboard.

It helps you understand where your brand stands among other market competitors and is a performance by Sked social AI analysis of metrics for your linked social media platforms. You can view your audience engagement rate, each post (specifically according to the type ), Reels, the performance of your used hashtags, and so on. You can enhance and tailor your published content by viewing demographic statistics like location, gender, age, and time zone. It allows you to generate reports proficiently.

You can also Download your social analytics report into Pdfs. You can create reports of your content weekly and monthly and email anyone you want them to know without any difficulty. You can keep your clients and leader limited to access to your dashboards along with the links that expire according to your will. You can publish your post at the best time to get more interaction.

Sked Social pricing and Plans

Sked social pricing

Sked Social offers four plans according to the features they provide. It gives you 7 day free trial on all packages.

Fundamental: It charged $30/monthly and $25/ month if you billed annually. It allowed 1 user, 1 Instagram account, 4 other accounts. It allows unlimited posts, 3 month analytics history, an AI caption, a social inbox, and a visual content planner. It is best for solo entrepreneurs. 

Essentials: It charged $89/monthly and $74/ month if you billed annually. It allows unlimited users, 3 Instagram accounts, and 10 other accounts. Features included Everything in Fundamental plus Shoppable tags, unlimited analytics, UCG curation tools, and AI-driven competitor tracking. It is best for teams. 

Professional: It charged $159/monthly and $133/ month if you billed annually. It allowed unlimited users, 5+ Instagram accounts, and 15+ other accounts. Features included Everything in Essentials plus teamwork and content collaboration, training and phone support, review and content approvals workflow, and advanced PDF report. It is best for teams who want social media content and collaboration together in one place. 

Enterprise: It is based on custom pricing according to your needs. It allowed unlimited users, 10+ Instagram accounts, 30+ other accounts. Features included Everything in professional plus get as many accounts as per your requirements, quick response time, and team training. It is best for large companies.

Sked Social Alternatives:

Content studio is an Al generated social media management tool which allow the user to create desired content by modifying it. Content studio provides automatically posting on famous social media accounts at a time.It is budget friendly and comes up with 14-free trial . It schedule your posting moreover it has calender to keep track on your posting.

Social Bee

Social bee exclusively manage multiple social media accounts with Commendable techniques.It create room to schedule the posting on different platforms at the time and saves lots of time. Its affordable for everyone.


Hootsuite is a tool kit that manages, monitors, and handles social media platforms without any hustle. Its all-in-one social media management tool ensures your content’s quality and organizes it for future posts. It offers many tools and features as content studio have, like scheduling, posting, curated data, inbox, OwlyWriter AI, analytics & reports, and more.

Sked Social Pros & Cons:


  • Efficiently create and Schedule post.
  • Add unlimited users with its collaboration feature.
  • Best for Instagram users.
  • Social inbox.
  • Simple UI(User interface).
  • Great for designing posts.
  • 7-days free trial.
  • Optimize your content
  • Visual planner for Instagram


  • lack of special editing for each post
  • No free version for lifetime

Sked Social Final Verdict:

Well, I have examined and experienced every feature precisely and deliberately. Without being biased, let’s talk about the facts I figured out. Sked Social is truly an appreciatable social media management tool. Software undoubtedly has every essential element needed to rock your social media engagement. Its features are prominently made for Instagram users, and you can also use the scheduling and publishing features for other social media platforms.

It has advanced and top-notch scheduling, publishing, marketing, and analytics tools. It makes business and brand promoting much easier without creating any chaos. It has a simple User interface, which means a new person can handle it professionally. I like its collaboration features, which allow you to add unlimited users to your team and strengthen your content publishing strategies. It comes up with a 7-day free trial. So don’t waste; check it out if you truly want to enhance your social media performance and growth.


Q. Does it come up with a free plan?
A. Well, yes, it has a free trial of 7-days. You can easily access its features through the free trial and choose the right plan for your brand or business.

Q. Is Sked Social allow the user to cancel the plan anytime?
A. Yes, you can cancel anytime because Sked Social is a monthly or annual social media management tool. You must pay at the start of your month and get the services. If you cancel the account, it will freeze your billing record for the upcoming renewal date.

Q. Does it has Mobile apps?
A. Fortunately, Sked Social has both mobile apps and desktop versions, so you can easily monitor and handle your activity at any time without breaking the consistency.

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