Sendible Review 2023: Is It Still the Best Social Media Scheduler?

sendible review

Building a foundation of business is always difficult to do, but in the meantime, with stunning tools, it becomes easy and worth it. What if you are dealing with multiple clients with a diversity of opinions? You feel lots of pressure and couldn’t survive without the ultimate guide. Social media platforms are demanding, and trends keep changing day by day. It’s necessary to take help or assistance which handle and monitor your social media activity. Sendible is a social media management tool that is rooted deep and makes its name strong among other market competitors’ Software.

Today, I put it into the compulsory dimensions to run a business online. I figured out how much it’s worth. Is it affordable? Or it’s just a waste of money? I’m inspired by Content Studio, a social media management tool, and let’s see will I change my plan?

 What is Sendible?

Sendible is another great management tool for your multiple social media platforms to assist your business or brand. It comes up with a variety of features which is Commendable for running social media platforms. You can do various changes to your content and organize it properly. It allows you to create your own space to handle and overview your progress. It saves you many precious hours of struggling and frustrating to get ideal content.
Sendible was launched in year 2008, the CEO is Gavin Hammar. Its initial package offers a great platform with API integration capabilities. It’s helpful and introduces the concept of handling multiple social media accounts on a single platform. Sendible offers all-in-one features which enable you to integrate different platform queries and audience responses after passing a whole decade, sendible is still progressing. Sendible claimed to be the alternative to Buffer and HootSuite, but it’s early to say that before going through all its features.

What Top Features Does Sendible Offer?


sendible review

The dashboard is a control panel that tracks the activity of responses, collaboration, and communication. It brings up all the Messages, DMs, and queries of multiple social media platforms on a single board. You can get insights into comments and reply to them in many ways. The audience needs responses when they surf your websites, they need attention. Handling multiple social media platforms is impossible, so managing it through a single platform is better. Sendible offers a great dashboard tool that is quite helpful for managing accounts without creating any hustle.
Inbox allows you to see incoming engagements and filter them as per your profiles. Despite handling the profiles, it keeps a bird’s eye on what responses your client’s brand gets on blogs, Twitter, and the news.

The sendible dashboard is multifunctional, which helps to create moreover publish content on Social media platforms. It allows you to add hashtags, schedule posts, and queue different platforms. It suggested trendy content which is curated and reliable. It comes up with keywords that increase traffic on your website. You can also assign tasks to your team members and track their performances.

 Social listening:

How to answer if you haven’t heard the question? It would be best if you listened to the demands of your audience so you can deliver what they need or answer their queries. Social listening is the key feature without it, it’s totally impossible to fulfill audience needs and to stay updated. Sendible knows how to Engage your brand or business to the audience in an organic way. It generates social listening, allowing you to improve your social media plan of action by overviewing your competitors, brand, and key industry terms.

You can respond to comments as well as messages more efficiently. You can proficiently become more responsive to comments and active on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn company pages without departing from sendible. It tracks the audience engagements with your feed posts and Reels on Instagram.

Sendible setting a great platform to track and monitor customers’ reviews and work on them to enhance credibility. You can set Twitter search to receive the most important and trendy points that uplift your brand and business. You can monitor the hashtags and keywords to stay updated. Its built-in dashboard helps to receive the latest blogs and Google alerts depending on your search.


sendible review

Sticking to the same domain may cause problems when other social media market competitors update their systems. How do you know which content of yours gives a high response? Or declining the reputation of the company? Well, it’s easy and necessary to keep insights on the progress of your content. 
Sendible allows the user to overview the demographics statics and analyze them. It generates in-depth reports of multiple social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can also get engagement reports of your Audience responses all over the platforms you are handling.
You can get 200 modules, and it shows the best analytical reports. It gives you access to tailored reports as per your need with the help of a drag-and-drop report builder. Sendible makes things easy for you by automatically sending reports to the team members, Stakeholders, and clients daily, weekly, or even monthly.



Publishing is an utterly important feature for running social media accounts, and it should be perfect. Otherwise, it disturbs the outlook of your business. Sendible as, like other software, offers great publishing tools which can save many hours. It generates a calendar, which is necessary always to be aware of future plans and organize your content according to your need. It can handle bulk or individual social media posts, videos, and images by scheduling. You can add up hashtags, emojis, mentions, and visuals to your client’s post to alter it on demand.
You can group your social media posts into many campaigns and schedule them for special occasions. You can recycle the content again and again every time it looks great, and it maintains consistency. The question arises: How to make posts more attractive, increasing audience engagement? Well, it’s a fact that anything which is represented in graphics or images attracts more. Sendible allows you to generate many designs. This includes social media images for the networks like Instagram And Facebook, Blogs, and Post graphics. Simple, you can add graphics to multiple social media platforms. It integrated Canva Pro, where you can get pre-made graphics templates and many more for your posts.

 Smart Queues:

Social media manager tools now offer smart message queues, which greatly help in the meantime. Sendible has more advanced smart Queues features, which make things easy for you. Now you can select a specific day for posting. You can easily name message queues, post on multiple platforms, Recycle the content, set times, moreover assign tasks to team members.

Team Collaboration:

While using social media management tools, staying connected with your team and putting them on the same platform is beneficial. Sendible allows you to assign tasks and other important instructions to your clients and team members. You can expand your team by simply adding them through a simple click. You can send the content before posting it to your team members, so it’s easy to get reviews.


Sendible generate your social media strategy for multiple platforms with two mobile apps.You can use Sendible publish available on iOS for publishing and approvals.Sendible Engage, which is available in (iOS and Android) for publishing engagement and reporting. Now you need to operate your business with computers. You can draft engaging posts and schedule them with your smartphone. It helps you to edit posts and send them for approval. Sendible provides you full access to manage your multiple social feeds by smartphone. You can receive notifications or alerts when someone mentions a comment or keywords you track on Twitter. You can easily handle all the functions and activities using your smart device.


Sendible works proficiently without compromising the quality of the content they prioritize the needs of users. It supports many social media networks, which help you boost up and manage your pages and profiles in one place. You can add graphics, videos, gifs, and many more. It allows you to integrate with famous social media platforms and other apps like:

  • Tiktok
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • youtube
  • Google business profiles
  • Client connect widget
  • Google Chrome extension
  • Content suggestions
  • Word press
  • RSS feed importer
  • Canva
  • Giphy
  • pexels
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Google Analytics

Sendible pricing and Plans

Sendible offers a 14-day free trial on its all plan, with no credit card requirement. It has four plans. 

sendible review

Creator: It charged $29/month and $25 if billed annually. It is suitable for freelancers. This plan includes 6 user social profiles for 1 user, unlimited scheduling, content publishing workflow, engagement and monitoring, Google Analytics integration, bulk scheduling, 100 posts sent per day, smart queues 10 per plan, a priority inbox, and more. 

Traction: it charged $89/month and $76 if billed annually. It is suitable for startup agencies and brands. It includes all creator plan features with clients’ dashboards, assignment and approval, and user management. 

White label: it charged $240/month and $204 if billed annually. It is suitable for larger agencies. It includes all traction plan features, custom
branding and domain, content and hashtag Library, and dedicated onboarding.

White label+: it charged $563/month and $479 if billed annually. It is suitable for larger agencies. It includes all white label plan features plus the most scalable pricing, dedicated customer success, optional SSO, and new customers only.

Sendible Pros & Cons:


  • Tremendous Social media scheduling built-in calendar.
  • Suggested great ideas for multiple platforms according to the latest trends.
  • Easy User interface and navigation.
  • Come up with a 14-day free trial.
  • Latest social media management features.
  • Integrate with multiple social apps and platforms.
  • Monitoring and handling brand activity as well as responses.
  • Team managing features work efficiently to control all the activities and tasks.
  • Send customized reports to clients and team members to work proficiently.
  • Track the messages and DMs, which are more important and must be responded to early.


  • Slow social media listening, which Detroit the productivity.
  • Difficult to bring Sendible on live chat.
  • Sendible only shows Twitter posts on search mentions when you want to search hashtags and keywords.
  • Don’t organize multiple social media platforms properly; it always creates hustle.
  • Low customer service. They respond very slowly when you need their assistance.

Sendible Alternatives:

Content Studio

Content studio is an Al generated social media management tool which allow the user to create desired content by modifying it. Content studio provides automatically posting on famous social media accounts at a time.It is budget friendly and comes up with 14-free trial . It schedule your posting moreover it has calender to keep track on your posting.



Hootsuite provides space to manage and track your multiple social media accounts. Also allows you to keep on brand sentiment to easily reach your desired audience. It has different tool to optimized your contentand helps to advertise it.

Social Bee

Social bee exclusively manage multiple social media accounts with Commendable techniques.It create room to schedule the posting on different platforms at the time and saves lots of time. Its affordable for everyone.

Final Verdict:

Well, as I mentioned that I’m sceptical about switching to Sendible from content studio. There are some facts and figures like Sendible is not a cheap option, meaning influencers can’t stand on them. They have a 14-day free trial on all their paid plans. Sendible has alternatives like ContentStudio, Buffer, and HootSuite, but as like ContentStudio, they don’t offer affordable plans for all kinds of users with multiple social media management tools.

Hootsuite is not affordable, but they come up with a highly advanced AI-powered system. I just feel they have some drawbacks on features you can’t rely on, for example, social listening is not good as other alternatives. They don’t respond quickly, and you must wait for a long time, which is not good. They provide great demos and videos for new users despite all. I recommend it to agencies, small businesses, and companies, but it doesn’t work great for influencers.

Undoubtedly, they have great inbox, dashboard, and managing features, which can boost up business or brand. Sendible has prioritized the need to engage more with the audience, so It’ll be fruitful for the business. They provide metrics and analytics of your progress, along with customized reporting. Sendible integrate with multiple apps and platforms, which is beneficial for companies to run campaigns moreover streamline workflow.


Q. Does Sendible allow you to select a thumbnail on multiple social media platforms?
A.You can only select a video thumbnail of your desire on Facebook and Instagram. For now, it’s not supporting YouTube thumbnails.

Q. Are they offering a free trial?
A.Yes, sendible offers a 14-day free trial on all their plans so that you can select any of the plans for your brand or business.

Q. Can we pause the activity of our sendible account?
A.Yes, you can anytime pause the activity for up to 3 months. Whenever you feel like activating it, you can easily get access to it.

Q. Does it allows tracking which users have set up their profiles?
A.Sendible allows you to track by simply sending emails to the main admin whenever anyone adds a profile to notify the admin.

Q. Can my client see schedule posts on calendars?
A.If you switch to the client’s dashboard, you notice you can see scheduled posts and profiles in the calendar or compose box items that this specific user can’t see just because you logged into the account as admin. Your clients couldn’t see the scheduled posts on the calendar whenever they directly log in.

Q. Does support link or live chat visible to my clients?
A. No, the support link and live chat are only visible to the administration of your white-label site and can’t be seen by customers.

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