PowToon Review: Easy Tool to Create Animated Video


PowToon is a very cool looking video creation platform with a lot of different options for the kinds of look you create. Today I will throw the light on PowToon review and why it is considered the best tool for animated videos.

PowToon has been on the market for many years and has stuck around for a good reason. It has a range of features and pricing plans that aim to corner educational, business, and enterprise markets. In addition to whiteboard animations, you will see cartoon looks live-action videos with overlays, and quite a few other styles available via templates and a variety of media. Moreover you can even browse some of these available media to get an idea of what it looks like on their site. The page includes over a dozen categories with several graphic types.

What is PowToon?

PowToon is a helpful tool that can use to create animated presentations or training for use in the office or in the classroom. I use a lot of different video creation programs, but the one thing I keep going back to is PowToon. I have used it for over a year now, and it just keeps getting better and better. It is a really easy program to use.

PowToon is an online-only video creation program. You create animated promotional or explainer videos like a video that introduces you to a product or service. Using this tool is fun and easy, and a large portion of the mechanism of powtoon can be accessed for free as long as you set up an account with a valid email address. I like to use Powtoon because the final product is professional. Truly it’s eye-catching, and it will hold the audience’s attention.

How Does PowToon Work?

Click Here to Go official website of PowToon. Then click to the button start now. Then you can create your account or login directly with Google or Facebook. After login on your dashboard, you see the list of videos that you created before. If you are login for the first time, then you see the button on your panel “create.” By clicking to this button, you can create your video.

You can also use it to create a presentation complete withhold points that will pause the animation until you tell it to continue.

The top menu bar lets you add text and images. The left side of the screen shows the slide currently in your project. The bottom has the timeline where you set when and how each object enters and exits the slide. On the right side you have many built-in characters and props that you can use in your videos. You can easily add props and images to your slides to create entertaining videos within a few seconds.

Why I Prefer PowToon More:

Significantly the biggest reason to use Powtoon is a gigantic images library where each image style has a set of characters. Each of those characters has a set of emotions, plus each style has a set of backgrounds and props in that particular graphic style.

Moreover different holiday styles available, even with the free account, will help you make awesome holiday greeting cards that you can send out to your friends and clients. You don’t even need an actual holiday to use these images because they have animated snow, fireworks, and confetti to create any type of congratulations or celebrations video that you want.

Features of PowToon:

Pre-made drag and drop template:

This feature makes it easy for those people who don’t have any graphic skills. PowToon has pre-made beautiful design templates for creating explainer videos, infographics videos, advertisements video or presentation videos, and much more. Moreover, users can create on their particular niche as we have some subcategories like Holidays, Announcement, Inspirational, HR, IT, Training and Tutorial, business, and many more.


However, one of the leading jobs of video creation is the storyteller. If you are right in telling a story, Indeed you will get victory in any platform. For making your storyteller uniquely and enjoyably, there is a feature in PowToon called storyboard. It helps the users to layout their story in visual format by breaking them into steps.

  • Intro 
  • Statement
  • Problem 
  • Benefits
  • Solution 
  • Outro

Unlimited Royalty-Free music:

Another key feature is that PowToon has a vast collection of pre-made royalty-free music and voiceovers. we can’t see this feature in any other alternative tool. It allows the user to add any music to their video from the music library or upload music from the desktop.

Photos and Images:

As you know, PowToon is currently integrated with Flickr, which can give enough free images. Moreover, people have uploaded the best and unique photos that we get from PowToon.

PowToon Integration:

PowToon App integrates with several different apps and services such as

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Storybook
  • Vimeo
  • Slide Share
  • HubSpot
  • Wistia
  • Kaltura

Export and Share:

Therefore animation video of PowToon can be present in three different ways.

  • Uploaded directly on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, Or hosted in my PowToon.
  • Export as an MP4, PDF, or PPT file format.
  • It can also be shared via Email, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn

Pricing Plan:

Most people and people in business subscribe to this offer, and if you like, you will also buy this plan. They lean on so much on the annual subscription as compared to monthly. They have four packages such as:

powtoon pricing

Free plan:

If you are using for personal video, then a free plan is best to choose. It is free forever.

Pro Plan:

It is best for professionals and entrepreneurs. It offers $19 per month charge annually.

Pro+ Plan:

It is just best for power users. This package charge $59 per month charge annually.

Agency Plan:

It is best for designers’ animators and agencies. It charges $99 per month annually. In this package, there is no monthly subscription option powtoon wants yearly subscribers. That’s why monthly highly rated as compared pricing annual pricing.

Advice for Reader:

I personally suggest you to first subscribe for one month and see how it works for you. And I am sure that you will love it then subscribe for the whole year. It is best first to check out this animated software.

Education Plans:

This package meant for teachers as well as for students. Whereas it gives educational institutes to subscribe PowToon in bulk for their student.

Student plan: $4/month ($48/yearly) 

Teacher plan: $/month ($472/yearly)

Classroom plan: $10/month ($120/yearly)

Business Pricing and Plan:

In the business plan, you will get the best features, included

  • 50/GB user to 1TB
  • Give users unlimited premium exports.
  • Access to advanced
  • Corporate training
  • Admin features
  • Private domain with 2FA and SSO
  • Success assurance
  • Expense Allocation
  • Free Org Admin License
  • Full Admin Capabilities
  • Full Animation Studio

For getting a business plan, you have to contact directly for pricing. PowToon also offering a free trial

How to communicate with PowToon?

Unfortunately, PowToon is not able to connect with its users on chat, Twitter phone, etc. They only receive emails. In case you want to contact with them you will have to get the ticket and wait for their response. On the negative side they don’t wait for their users for a long time, we want that communication system to be improved.


  • It is beneficial for non-experts to create an animated video with Powtoon.
  • They have the best tutorial, which guides us on how to use interface.
  • 24/7 support is available for paying customers.
  • We can create cartoon related videos as they have already available these kinds of objects.
  • They have a large number of pre-made templates.
  • We can share the videos with audiences.
  • We can download videos in high quality.


  • PowToon is cloud-based software, so you required an internet connection for creating videos.
  • It takes more time to see the presentation because of slow loading.
  • If you are using premium objects in your video, it cannot export it to your computer.
  • It is quite expensive.
  • They have also small watermarks in every preparation.

Final Verdict:

No doubt Powtoon software has won its user’s heart. In my vision, it is a useful and easy tool for creating animated videos. In this modern world, everything is progressing day by day. Before this tool, people use slide version to show the video, but now powtoon is making a video with your choice. Ultimately it is demandable and useable software. Powtoon features are just unbelievable; they are giving us so much to use. I love to use this software for my personal and business work, and I also suggest you to use this. I am also sure you will have a great experience.

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