Planable Review 2023: Best Social Media manager ever?


Making your name in market of social media is hard as making your way through the mountain. It has highs and lows even this path demands more effort to work efficiently. It is not a cup of tea for everyone to manage multiple social media platforms without losing integrity. Social media marketing is something you learn through your experiences, but it takes lots of time to understand how to handle things. Fortunately, many social media management tools can manage and monitor your social media platforms proficiently. Planable is one of the management tool which easily handles multiple social media platforms without creating any disturbance. Planable understands the depth of social media marketing and provides features that can boost your content.

It can schedule and organize posts, or you can get insights through the calendar. Planable is not cheap as other social media management tools, but let’s see if it is worth it. It works more prominently if you need collaborative enterprise-level solutions. In this review, I track every feature by considering its pricing. Hope you enjoy the genuine and honest review I’m about to deliver.

 What is Planable?

Planable is the ultimate solution to all your problems related to social media management. It’s not an ordinary social media management tool but has advanced features to uplift your content. It can handle multiple social media platforms on one platform, its “Dashboard.”You can edit, create, schedule, and do as many posts as you want in one place. Planable is designed to give you a feel that you are working with a real social media website. It enhances the quality of your content as well as maintains consistency. It has an easy and intuitive UI, so no extra tabs confuse the user. Everything is on by one Click.

In 2016 Planable came into the social media marketing world. It was founded by a team of Xenia Muntean, Nicolae Gudumac, and Vlad Calus. These teammates found Planable and understand the need for a social media management tool that works great for handling team members and is good for them.

Planable Services:


Planable for Agencies:

Planable desire to be in the first place or first choice, they work hard and make their software suitable for different users like their plan for agencies. Planable separates the workplace for other clients so things never go messed up and Tangled. Every client can work peacefully in their space and create ideas for the future. Planable organize your digital workplace like individual space for calendar view, social media posts, and designs. You can easily preview the posts before posting them, so if there is a need for correction can be done. For now, it only integrates with the top seven social media platforms. You can also manage and schedule posts for social media platforms.

Planable for Enterprises:

Enterprise is another package of planable that includes 24/7 Customer services and onboarding training. It makes it great and efficient for businesses, and it can handle the bulk of workflow and manage multiple social media accounts. Planable understands the need for privacy that’s why they offer security and multilevel approvals for Enterprises. Conversely, Planable boosts up your large-scale businesses when other tools work for small businesses. It allows the user to collaborate with brands, clients, etc. You can also get alerts when there’s a change in your post comments or any other modifications. The user can create folders for projects and easily assign them to your team members. It comes up with unlimited features.

Planable for Freelancers & Startups:

As we all know, Planable has built-out agency and enterprise options; It comes up with a great set of tools that benefit Freelancers and startups. It does wonders because Planable offers affordable plans for influencers and startups, so they don’t need to spend more money. It allows them to take full advantage of its wonderful tools like scheduling and previewing your content proficiently. You can also access its client invite features to finalize the project before publishing.

What Top Features Does Planable Offer?


You can easily Create an ultimate post and can easily preview it before publishing it to your websites or social media platforms, so it decreases the chances of error. It allows you to enhance and modify your content according to multiple platforms and their requirements. It helps you to add GIFs, Hashtags, Emojis, and page tags to get those extra clicks. Adding these multi-media things to your content increases your website’s traffic and becomes more engaging.


Planning is the core factor of the road to success. As in its name, Planable creates a great space to plan your posts on the tools media calendar. Create, Plan, along streamline your publishing schedule with an easy drag-and-drop editor.
It generates customized time slots for you means you can easily select a time for publishing, so there is no need to post manually. You can also track the action plans and difficult views, including list view, Calendar view, grid view, and last but not least, feed view.


Collaboration is needed when you work with many members. By planable, you can collaborate with your team while working on multiple projects without any complications. You can invite collaborators, preview the posts and add comments so that you clarify each concept to your team members.


Organize and declutter your website so you can easily customize different workspaces for your various clients. It allows you to maintain documents, meeting summaries, Create notes, and other important instructions or material related to your clients and projects.


It is necessary to view content before publishing it. You can easily get access to its approval process means it saves lots of time by getting approval faster. It completes your many tasks without delay.

Planable Pricing and Plans:


Planable offers a free plan that provides 50+ posts with unlimited experiences. Click here to sign up for free. It comes with three plans that are basic, Pro, and enterprise. 

Basic: It charges $13/month and $11 paid annually. It offers unlimited Posts, 4 pages per workspace, 1 tweet per page per day, 5 labels, 10GB media storage, 2 approval workflows, and version history for a week. 
The payment option is only a debit/credit card.

Pro: It charges $26/month and $22 paid annually. It offers unlimited Posts, 10 pages per workspace, unlimited tweets, 10 labels, 50GB media storage, 3 approval workflows, and version history for 30 days.  
The payment option is only a debit/credit card.

Enterprise: It is a custom-made plan. If the above two plans are insufficient for you, you can go for the enterprise plan. The price depends on your needs. It offers all unlimited Posts, unlimited labels, custom-designed media storage, 4 approval workflows, and unlimited version history.
 Payment option is debit/credit card and ACH/bank transfer.

Planable Alternatives:

Content Studio

Content studio is an Al generated social media management tool which allow the user to create desired content by modifying it. Content studio provides automatically posting on famous social media accounts at a time.It is budget friendly and comes up with 14-free trial . It schedule your posting moreover it has calender to keep track on your posting.



Hootsuite provides space to manage and track your multiple social media accounts. Also allows you to keep on brand sentiment to easily reach your desired audience. It has different tool to optimized your contentand helps to advertise it.

Social Bee

Social bee exclusively manage multiple social media accounts with Commendable techniques.It create room to schedule the posting on different platforms at the time and saves lots of time. Its affordable for everyone.

Planable Pros & Cons:


  • It comes up with free mobile apps so you review, edit, and offer feedback on your content on your mobile.
  • You can easily share project ideas and more directly with your clients.
  • Planable makes the approval process easy without any complexity. You can easily approve actions with a simple one click.
  • It can store up to many files and your bulk workflows with unlimited storage.
  • Planable generates different workspaces for your different clients.
  • You can access multiple calendars, grids, and feeds in one place.
  • Its paid plans have many features with cheap pricing, so it’s great for Small businesses.Planable enterprise custom gets an extra favor. They receive team training as well as on boarding.
  • It generates engaging and attractive posts for your multiple social media platforms, so it’s getting more traffic.
  • provides you basic and good analytics of your Instagram account.You can easily separate the most confidential conversation from your clients and showcases the one you want to.


  • Well, its premium plan is costly for small businesses.
  • It has a big drawback, that it does not provide analytics of your content performance.
  • It only integrates with seven platforms Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, Google my business, and Twitter.
  • It doesn’t support Pinterest, so it’s not good.

Planable Final Verdict:

I can provide you my final verdict about Planable by driving up through it. Starting from its pricing well, it’s an affordable option for agencies, enterprises, and companies but not for small businesses owner. planable offer a great set of tools along with its premium plan, which is impossible for small businesses to purchase. Its advanced tools come with the premium plans such as hashtags, analytics, social media management videos, and many more. We are all aware of the planable above that it’s a social media management tool that handles multiple tools but not all. The plane does not integrate with Pinterest.

It’s a great tool if you are seeking it for automatic Publishing, Instagram publishing, and many more. It has very plain and basic tools for managing social media platforms. It’s cheaper in terms of basic features, not in advance. It comes with a free plan offering 50 free posts, so you can go through its basic features and buy the paid plans.


Q. Explain the term workspace?
A. The Workplace is a digital collaboration place that allows you to create content and work as a team. It makes the outcome more productive in an efficient manner. Planable offers an individual workspace for every client, brand, and company. Everyone gets personal space; as we know it, creative ideas come up in silence without any chaos.

Q. Does Planable allow the user to schedule Instagram posts?
A. Fortunately, it allows you to publish many posts on Instagram directly ( video posts/single images and Carousels), whether from your desktop or by using your mobile phone to share reels. You can get notifications and reminders when it’s an appropriate publication time.

Q. Does planable offer a free plan?
A. Well, yes, planable offers a free plan, but its free plan is quite different from other alternatives. You get access to 50 free posts for publishing. After reaching the limit, you can choose its paid plans.

Q. If I mistakenly or willingly cancel my paid plans, what will happen?
A. If you cancel the paid plans, You won’t lose access to your planable account subscription suddenly. You can still use your paid plans features until your account cycle date ends.

Q. How to upgrade the paid plans?
A. You can easily update your paid plan anytime by clicking on the “Upgrade “button next to your company account and then selecting the required plan for your brand or business.

Q. Which payment methods do Planable offers?
A. Well, there are only a few options for payment. You can pay through Card, debit, or credit card. You can’t pay through PayPal or any other medium for payment.

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