Pally Review 2023: Unleashing the Power of Social Media Management

pally review

Social Media management tools level up the marketing with strategic planning. Social marketing needs time, and it maximizes audience interaction easily and appropriately. Remember that not all marketing tools are eligible for establishing your business. People spend lots of money monthly or annually without inspecting the features and outcomes precisely, which in the future devalues their brand.

Sometimes, you get the desired features, but the tool is not budget-friendly. Social media management is easy for those who need assistance and help from professional handlers. Today, I’ll review one social media management tool called “Pally“. Let’s see if it is worthwhile for your brands or small business. Does it have competitive features? We will find all the answers for you.

 What is Pally?

Pally is a growing social media management tool with advanced features that make publishing easy. It offers a great set of features that will level up your marketing game, such as planning tools, bio links, and advanced analytics for Instagram called ShareMyInsights.You can also schedule posts for social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and Facebook. Well, it also offers tracking features. You can track hashtags, manage comments and competitors, Customize the reporting dashboard, and more.

Pally’s main focus is on Instagram, so it provides the best features to handle and manage it properly so you get more followers. Moreover organically engages with your audience.

Pally offers a forever free plan with very basic features.  On the other hand, its many alternatives like Social pilot only provides a free trial of 14 days.

What Top Features Does Pally Offer?



Pally has advanced Scheduling features, which are handled and tracked by its Social Calendar. You can easily schedule images, videos, and drafts for your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. It also allows you to schedule TikTok videos, Instagram reels, and Stories. It helps you engage with your audience by providing content daily.

You can easily write different messages for your multiple social media accounts. You can overview your schedule post by its calendar. Pally automatically posts your content by your selected time and date. As we all know, posting manually takes lots of time. It helps you to upload your media files from your library so you can further use them in the calendar. You can get access to the library through the scheduling tab.

Best Time to Post:

It suggested you the golden time to publish your content so it’ll get more traffic.You can get access to it by your settings .Drop down the menu and click on the link it gives you visual representation so you know the best time to publish your content.It gives some extra features to Instagram users they can easily schedule the first comment (to avoid chaotic hashtags that takes space),add location and tag users.It allow you to change metrics for example you can target the best time to get more likes, impression,comments and reach.Pally integrate with Canva so you can create amazing templates and many more things to drive more traffic on your website.

Instagram preview:

It gives complete insights into your Instagram feed to create a proper image in your mind that your content is progressing. You can open it by clicking the cog icon on the top right of your screen, and the settings menu opens up. Now, drops it down, and you can access it by clicking on Instagram Preview.
Besides all these, by scheduling features, you can also add notes to the cells in your social calendar, which is beneficial for planning the posting of upcoming content.

 Import holiday:

It’s another great tool that is quite helpful in engaging with your worldwide audience. It allows you to track the national holiday of any selected country. To access it, you need to drop down the settings menu and select any country of your choice, and it gives you a list of holidays in just one click.

 Templates & Hashtags:

Pally allows its users to recycle Hashtags and captions again and again, which helps you to create posts efficiently. You just type the text, insert it into your template, and post it with some clicks. You don’t need to do this all manually means it saves tons of time. Pally reusable hashtags and caption is highly recommended for agencies because they have to deliver the content on their multiple social media platforms on a daily basis.


Pally generates a visual grid tool to get the Instagram planner visually, you can access it in the Scheduling tab. The Grid tool appears on the top right side of your screen. You can see s your Instagram feed’s visual representation as it looks in your Instagram app. All you have to do is drag your desired media in from the pally media library on the left of the planner. You can easily rearrange them as per your required, and thats it. Your feed looks exactly what you want. Moreover, it increases engagement. You can schedule posts in bulk and set them into the calendar as required.


It’s another effective feature of Pally, which focuses on finding and discovering the latest trending ideas for content publication on your multiple social media platforms. It helps you to run effective campaigns on all social platforms. In its explore feature, you can search hashtags as per your niche and view the tags in your website on users’ posts. It’s beneficial for delivering new and curated content on a daily basis; otherwise, you can lose consistency.

Pally Analytics

pally review

You can view the analytics of your post by visiting its overview page. It showcases multiple metrics such as demographics of followers, how many people like your post, comments, follower growth, engagement rate with the audience, trending hashtags, etc. It allows you to track your desired metrics. You need to just change the date range specifically by dropping down the menu you can set it. It helps you to create customized reports by your own custom dashboard tab, and you can easily add up your favorite data points and charts.

 Pally Social inbox:


Pally supports basic comments management features available only for its Instagram users. Pally is an Instagram-centric social media management tool, while alternatives like Content Studio provide features for multiple social platforms. Pally continuously updates its features so the user gets the best experience of handling social media platforms without any problems. You can use its inbox for specifically Facebook and Instagram, TikTok comments, and Google My business. It gathers all your social media messages in one place to decrease the chaos. It helps to assign comments or messages to the team members or you can archive them. You can filter messages by status, network, and type.

 Team collaboration :

After successfully running the latest social media management features, Pally introduced the Team collaboration feature, which benefits its agency users. It allows the user to invite team members, and you can efficiently collaborate with your members through its Feedback tool.

Feedback tool: You can access the Pally feedback tool by your settings drop-down menu on your Social calendar tab. It allows you to leave your feedback on multiple posts, tag your team members, send them emails along with Push notifications, manage and reject approvals, etc.

 Custom Dashboard:

Pally has a customized dashboard that gathers all the social media platforms’ insights. You can track your market competitors, hashtags, followers, and location maps and easily track all the impressions. It allows you to share data with your team members and clients by clicking on the share report on your overview page. It helps you to set the email reports from your settings.

 Bio Link:

Pally has advanced features, and Bio link is one of its efficient features. Using Smiley, you can create Customized landing pages to drive traffic to your links. It helps to add the bio to your profile and add a short link to it. Bio link has two different layout options: Standard and Grid. In standard, it showcases a sequential list of your short links as buttons. On the other hand, the grid makes your landing page like your Instagram feed. Moreover, you can also use your add images Instagram posts for thumbnails and embed YouTube videos.

Pally pricing and Plans

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Pally offers simply two different pricing plans. 

Free plan: It gives you forever free plan with the basic features like basic analytics, feed planner, calendar, and table views. But limited access, like 15 monthly posts with 1 social set. But a great choice for beginner.

Premium plan: It starts at $15/ month and $13.5 billed annually. It provides advanced features like unlimited post-scheduling, bulk scheduling, bio links, and custom analytics reports. It also gives you 14 day trial version.

You can also add additional social sets for $15/month and additional users for $29/month.

Pally Alternatives:

Content studio is an Al generated social media management tool which allow the user to create desired content by modifying it. Content studio provides automatically posting on famous social media accounts at a time.It is budget friendly and comes up with 14-free trial . It schedule your posting moreover it has calender to keep track on your posting.

Social pilot comes up with various features to encourage and thrust your posts. It assists your social media accounts moreover schedule content on different social media platforms. It can post content for you automatically on popular platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, TikTok, and Tumblr. You can try it for free and then upgrade to the paid version with more automation features.

Social Bee

Social bee exclusively manage multiple social media accounts with Commendable techniques.It create room to schedule the posting on different platforms at the time and saves lots of time. Its affordable for everyone.

Buffer ensure that the audience interaction must be built organically. On the other hand, it’s budget-friendly and extremely good for promoting small businesses or companies and brands. It has features to ensure that your published content must be accurate and relatable to the audience. Buffer publish is the main app by which you create and schedule upcoming posts. Many people refer to “Buffer,” but they actually want to address Buffer Publish.

Pally Pros & Cons:


  • Budget-friendly, suitable for small businesses or influencers.
  • Integrate with canva.
  • Easy User interface.
  • User can view visual-first scheduling.
  • Bio link tool so you can add  Instagram links.
  • Provides curated and authentic content.
  • It automatically sends reports via email
  • Comes up with forever free plan with basic features.


  • It doesn’t offer content queue features
  • High charges as you add some more brands to your websites.

Pally Final Verdict:

Pally is a good choice if you struggle to find an affordable social media management tool for handling multiple profiles. It has more prominent features, such as Visual Media and Publishing. Despite all these, it has scheduling, Bio links, and many more so you can enhance your content and represent authentically.

Pally mainly focuses on its Instagram users, and it efficiently handles it. It has a great and easy-to-use user interface (UI ). It’s a good option for Freelancers, beginners, and especially for agencies. It provides top-notch team collaboration tools. It offers a free plan with basic features a begineer needs. According to my choice, you should try pally free version, and if you found a good option, go for a premium.


Q. Doest it allows us to add more team members?
A. Yes, you can add more team members without charging extra cost, but these advanced features are only available for Premium plan users.

Q. Can we add our Instagram bio link on other social media platforms?
A. Fortunately, yes, you can add your bio link to multiple social media platforms; thus, it helps increase traffic on your website

Q. Are we able to preview our previous posts on the feed?
A. You can easily connect your Instagram profile, and Pally automatically gathers all your previous posts to preview them easily.

Q. Is Scheduling on social media platforms by Pally safe?
A. You don’t need to worry about your security. Use the official API platforms, and they integrate as well as every account you linked with, so feel free to schedule your posts.

Q. Can we track our LinkedIn and Instagram personal profiles by Pally?
A. Sadly not, you can’t track your personal profiles by Pally due to LinkedIn and Instagram API. You can only track pages.

Q. Does it offer a free plan?
A. Well, yes, Pally offers a 14-day free plan with many prominent features, so you can enjoy it until you need to buy its paid plans.

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