Moovly Review : A Video Animation Tool – Features and Pricing

moovly review

Everyone asked what the best and easy tool for creating video animation for personal stuff from scratch is? In this article, I’m going to present my honest review about Moovly (a video animation tool). We will discuss the feature, pricing, pros, cons, and many more. I suggest you read the full article before you buy it.

What is Moovly?

Moovly is the only tool that has an integration of nearly 175 million digital assets that found as Shutter stock. Additionally If you want to make sales, Marketing, Business, or Education, you can make any type of video effortlessly.

Moovly is a desktop application with a cloud-based platform that enables users to create animated videos like adobe sparkle. You can have a stage you can add text, music, icons, and images. All of these things can have animation through unlike in adobe sparkle. It is an excellent opportunity to use it when you want to show a storyboard and create a theater-like experience. However If a person wants to add their personal media (image, song, etc.) and create an animated video, it is acceptable by Moovly. You can also use beautifully designed templates of Moovly.

Unique Features of Moovly

Banner and Ad templates for business:

It found a really fantastic feature that now we don’t need any graphic designer for creating our unique banner. Moovly allows us to make banners and ad template for any business marketing. In fact it takes a very short time.

Pre-made Templates:

There are already many pre-made templates for users. They have a wide variety of templates according to different styles and topics. The good thing is that all the templates are placed in various categories to select with our requirements. Once you select a template, it will travel to you on editing page where you can edit by adding image, music, text, etc. 

Consequently the one thing which makes me disappointed is they have a very short length of videos. It gives a maximum of 17 seconds, and that’s not enough.

Access Photos and Videos:

In the Moovly library, you can access more than 1 million free graphics, infographics, and animation. Also, get stock photos from stock by Getty images. For using this gallery, go into that section and implement it into your videos.

Rather than adding these images, you can also add your custom photos from your PC.

Easy To Use Dashboard:

Moovly dashboard is really easy to use. In this interface, we have tabs like shared with me, My projects, My gallery, Archived, and Templates as well as there are some video editing tools in the properties tab. Furthermore, there are also other options like text editing, swapping images, and many more.

When you complete video editing, you can export on YouTube, Vimeo, or Moovly gallery and watch your video.

Making presentations:

Certainly it is very useful in making any PowerPoint presentation. It is quite suitable for educational purposes. As well as we can easily create an impressive presentation for our work. It has all the best features, which makes the presentation very attractive.

Other features are listed below:

  • We get HD quality of videos.
  • You can upload unlimited offline images.
  • They have free stocks assets more than 1 million
  • You can also Publish your videos directly on YouTube, Vimeo, and many more.
  • W can use our own fonts and color in the video.
  • Have animations and transitional effects.
  • In the light of Moovly we get more advance and unique features like screen recording, subtitles, color removal.

How Do Moovly Work:

For using Moovly, you are required to have an internet connection because it is a cloud base. Moovly library has more than 600,000 free templates, videos, music, and also images from storyblocks and Shutterstock. When you are customizing your video, you can get these by only drag and drop images into your templates.

For getting started, just take a video template or begin with a blank canvas. Drag and drop things like images, music, animation, and arrange them on canvas.

The last step is to export and share your video. You can directly share on youtube, Vimeo, and others. We can download the video by paid subscribing, or we can share it freely.

Pricing plan:

Moovly has four packages plans that are Free, Pro, Max, and Enterprise. Let’s discuss one by one.

  • Free plan:  In a free plan, you can make a video with 2 minutes length and directly published to social sites like YouTube Vimeo and others. You can also upload more than 20 personal files creation.
  • Pro plan: Secondly the pro plan comes up with $24.92 per month for one year. Surely they are giving more beneficial features like having 1080 HD best quality. You can select and make your videos commercialize, no attachment of Moovly brand, and many more. So as you see, the more price can get more superb features.
  • Max Plan: Business plan comes up with $49.92 per month for one year. It also has some advanced features.
  • Enterprise plan: it has custom pricing, but a minimum of 10 users can use this platform in $599 for one year.


Here I will throw light on the pros of Moovly 

  • If you sign up 1st time, you can use free of cost for 30 days.
  • It is very easy to use and has excellent features.
  • Moovly is also active in email and chats for support.
  • They also have a youtube channel name “Moovly Academy” where we can get the video making tips.
  • They have affordable pricing plans.
  • The visual and audio elements also included in the library.


  • The cloud interface becomes slow if your internet is working slow.
  • Whenever you work with Moovly, you need a strong internet connection as they have no downloading options.
  • You cannot buy the program directly as they have no specific option. So you are required to purchase the multi-licensed business package so you can access the DIY customs option.
  • They have a limited library of music.

Final Verdict:

In the final analysis Moovly has everything that you need in any animation software. It has the best features, fantastic library corner,  beautifully designed templates at a very affordable price. Moreover, anyone can use this interface effortlessly. It also helps you increase your visitors on your site and make them online on your website for a long time. If you want to testify the Moovly, I suggest you to use the trial free plan, and I am pretty sure that you will found it excellent. So in my vision at that affordable price, Moovly is the best animation tool ever.

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