Iconosquare Review 2023: A Deeper Dive Beyond Analytics

iconsquare review

In past years, Social media platforms have grown rapidly. People find it easy to share their thoughts and ideas with the world; on the one side, it’s a great source of entertainment. On the other, it’s a hope for those who want to run their small business, and they don’t have expenses to bear the rent of the office or pay for staff. They just easily sell their products via social media. 

Social media marketing makes people more independent and sensible, but the problem is, can they run a business by simply posting? Or sharing their product descriptions? No, not at all. Social media management needs experience and well-known assistance even though you are running a small business. 

The next question arises how can a small business or influencer buy social media management tools while having limited resources of money? Fortunately, there are lots of social media management tools that offer a great set of marketing features at affordable pricing.

 Today, I’ll review “Iconosquare,” one of the leading management tool, and finally conclude whether it is worthy or not.

 What is Iconosquare?

Iconosquare was introduced in 2011 as Statigram by its developers, but after 6-years of success, they partnered with Facebook to launch the analytics platform. From there, they provide services to well-known brands like H&M, IKEA, L’Oreal, National Geographic, and other famous multinationals.

Iconosquare is a Social Media analytics app specifically developed for providing analytics. Moreover, it can work as your social media management tool. You can get all-in-one features in one tool. It has publishing and monitoring social media tools, social listening, and audience engagement. Iconosquare can be used through mobile apps and Websites. It offers multiple free tools for your Instagram profile.

What Top Features Does Iconosquare Offer?


Iconosquare comes up with a simple, Intuitive User interface(UI). You can find the menu on the top left and the quick-use buttons at the top to switch between your multiple profiles and add them. You can efficiently customize your dashboard according to your need or purpose. It helps you create multiple dashboards so you can organize your data per your requirements. It allows you to categorize or prioritize your data based on different and selective metrics. It efficiently filters dashboards by the custom date ranges. Iconosquare gathers all your profile data into one dashboard, so you don’t need to bounce between multiple profiles.


iconsquare review

Iconosquare has top-level monitoring features so you can proficiently respond to the comments, tags, and mentions on your Instagram and Facebook profile. It does not support Twitter mentions and replies but is good for other social media platforms. Its social listening feature gives you complete insights into your value or status in your Industry.

Social listening helps overview or compare your performance with your market competitors so you can enhance your content quality or make useful strategies. It helps you discover the strategies that work for others and the paid reach on Facebook. You can set up many custom Feeds for each social media platform with specific posts for your selective account.

Albums & Albums Analytics: Album Analytics is a relatively small feature but still has many benefits. Iconosquare Album Analytics provides complete insights into your given data in a time. It allows you to track the overall performance of all your posted publications. This is helpful when handling your business or brand efficiently to increase productivity.


iconsquare review

Iconosquare indeed has advanced analytics features, but it also has well-designed publishing features. You can do many tasks with its publishing feature. It manages your social media from top to bottom. You can create new posts and add links, captions, date and time, status, and internal notes. It has all the necessary elements. You can share links for collaboration. Iconosquare has a separate section for adding media according to your post as per your requirements and the text demand.

It has another option on the screen you are using to create a new post called Crosspost. You can generate drafts for your multiple profiles. It helps you to edit captions. You can schedule your post and overview it by its social schedulers calendar. It gives you complete Insights into your schedule post it is timing, month, or week when it will be published. If you want to make scheduling easier so, you can customize dates for scheduling by selecting time in its time slot tab.

It automatically publishes your posts on the desired social media platform. It saves tons of time. The publishing tool helps you find posts you need to approve for collaboration, increasing audience engagement. Despite all these features, Iconosquare has a social library, which is classified into two sections. Its media library efficiently manages and handles videos as well as images. You can easily make collections of Hashtags and captions and save them so you can easily use them for future posting.



Iconosquare has an advanced analytics feature divided into several sections so you can track And handle your data according to the requirements. It has an Overview section but gives you quite different actual data and sections as per the profile you choose to open.

Its overview section has aspects similar to other social media management tool analytics features. It gives you insights into your post-performance during the specific period. Its analytics multiple sections give you access to vast features like Facebook. You can get deep insights into your data for audience growth, engagement, links posted, images, videos posted, impressions, reach, Publishing statistics, video analytics, and last but not least, your page performance.

Iconosquare page performance is a section where you find the performance of your social media platform account data in the time frame. It gives you demographics metric statics, including page view,call-to-action activity, likes and unlikes, page views, and distribution of your page tabs (videos, home, photos, Reviews, about, and many more). It helps you to know about your marketing strategies or content performance and the elements you lack to get more engagement. At last, you can view comments and metrics of your post. In the content section, remember that this feature is totally separate from the analytics section.

Iconosquare allows its users to efficiently export their data from any chart in PNG or CSV format. You can easily download your XLS exports daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. It allows us to schedule the exports and automatically send them to stakeholders via email.


Working with the team makes things easy and increases efficiency. Iconosquare provides a collaboration feature. It allows you to add your team members to multiple social media platforms. You can allow them to access your calendar by a Unique password link, which is totally protected. It saves time because you don’t have to revise your content. It allows the collaborators to accept or reject the creations, edit the content, and, at last, leave notes. You get notifications on their every activity. You can easily save your multiple posts as drafts and leave them for approval by external collaborators by submitting them.

 Social media conversation:

It’s an old method to search every mention on social media platforms, consuming lots of time. Iconosquare decreases unnecessary chaos by providing its social media conversation features. You can easily track and mark every read or unread comment efficiently on your desktop. Iconosquare helps you discover who has been tagged on Instagram comments, captions, or a tag. This whole process takes seconds, and in a short time, you get all the data. You can increase audience engagement by Iconosquare’s using a random comment picker connected with the platforms to select the most engaging and winning comment for your social media contests.

Iconosquare pricing and Plans

iconsquare Pricing

Iconosquare offers three packages according to the features (no of social profile, and team members) they provided. If you choose annual plan then its monthly price is redued.  All plans offer 14 days free trial.

PRO:  The Pro plan is $59/month or $49/month if billed annually. It allows you to add 3 social profiles and if you want to add extra then charge $19 on per extra profile. Also offers 2 team members and if you add extra team member then it charged $19 on per extra team member. They also provide 5 customized feeds,  analytics feature (account analytics, promoted post analytics, tags), dashboard reports, competitor reports, publishing feature, and conversation.

ADVANCED:  The  Advanced plan is $99/month or $79/month if billed annually. It allows you to add 5 social profiles and if you want to add extra then charge $15 on per extra profile. Also offers unlimited team members, 7  customized feeds and all the features included of pro plan.

ENTERPRISE: Enterprise  plan is $179/month or $139/month if billed annually. It allows you to add 10 social profiles and if you want to add extra then charge $12 on per extra profile. Also offers unlimited team members, 7  customized feeds, customer success program and all the features included of advanced  plan.

Iconosquare Alternatives:

Content studio is an Al generated social media management tool which allow the user to create desired content by modifying it. Content studio provides automatically posting on famous social media accounts at a time.It is budget friendly and comes up with 14-free trial . It schedule your posting moreover it has calender to keep track on your posting.

Social Bee

Social bee exclusively manage multiple social media accounts with Commendable techniques.It create room to schedule the posting on different platforms at the time and saves lots of time. Its affordable for everyone.


Hootsuite is a tool kit that manages, monitors, and handles social media platforms without any hustle. Its all-in-one social media management tool ensures your content’s quality and organizes it for future posts. It offers many tools and features as content studio have, like scheduling, posting, curated data, inbox, OwlyWriter AI, analytics & reports, and more.

Iconosquare Pros & Cons:


  • Great Analytics features.
  • Excel publishing tool.
  • Create reports automatically.
  • Track your competitors.
  • Build strategies.
  • Intuitive Scheduler.
  • 14 days free trial


  • Lack of keyword monitoring.
  • You have to open every profile calendar to view the schedule post.
  • It does not have a custom Dashboard.
  • Mainly supports Facebook and Instagram

Iconosquare Final Verdict:

Well, I have inspected every feature and tool of Iconosquare, it’s credibility as well as it’s performance. Iconosquare is a splendid tool for analytics for social media platforms, and I admire it the most. Undoubtedly, Iconosquare puts effort and affection into helping you at every step so you can run your business or brand proficiently without any problems. It analyzes your status on social media and compares it to your market competitors. Moreover, it suggests strategies that are beneficial for highlighting your account and driving more traffic to the website.

I have mentioned that it is recognized by its Analytics feature, but Iconosquare excels at publishing features. It has a simple user interface (UI) and can easily create drafts for your other social media platforms. It helps you to manage your Instagram and Facebook comments and track trending hashtags ،brands, and mentions. I am clear on one thing: it has basic publishing features, but you can add other social media management tools to make a strong combo. Like SocialBee it has great and advanced publishing features so you can easily queue your content, import content, and provide authentic and curated content through its automation.

Iconosquare provides 14-day free trials on its every plan. You can use it to understand more about the role of analytics in handling social media platforms. After completing its trial, you know its pros and cons, so buying the right plan for your business or brand is helpful.


Q. Why should we consider Iconosquare?
A. Well, there is no doubt that Iconosquare is a promising social media management tool that is beneficial for boosting business or brand. It has the best pricing as compared to its alternatives. In short, it is the best option for Freelancers and small businesses.

Q. Does it come up with a free plan?
A.  Fortunately, it provides you with a 14-day free trial, and after completing your trial period, you can choose the desired plan for your business or brand.

Q. How many features does it offer?
A. Well, it offers a wide range of features for managing and handling social media platforms without creating any hustle. It has a great analytics feature, which allows you to gain insight into your overall growth on multiple platforms. You can save lots of time by scheduling posts for the future.

Q. Is it only for Instagram users?
A. No, It not only supports Instagram but integrates with many famous social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Q. Does Iconosquare provide analytics for IGTV?
No, Instagram does not allow its user to access data relating to IGTV on their API, so it is not available by the social media platform. That is why you can’t get analytics for your IGTV.

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