Hootsuite Review 2023: Empowering Your Business with Social Media

hootsuite review

Thanks to technology which gathers us on one platform, people are connected to social media platforms like stars mingle in galaxies. Handling so many things at the time creates chaos. One can become frustrated by handling and monitoring social media platforms and finding new ideas. I have been surfing for a long time to find the right management tool.

In Search of gold, I discover the diamond “Hootsuite,” but let’s see if it is a diamond or a simple rock. Hootsuite is one of the leading social media management tool, and it has many features. Today I review of hootsuite figured out every feature, Pricing, and its pros & cons inch by inch.

 What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a tool kit that manages, monitors, and handles social media platforms without any hustle. Its all-in-one social media management tool ensures your content’s quality and organizes it for future posts. It offers many tools and features as content studio have, like scheduling, posting, curated data, inbox, OwlyWriter AI, analytics & reports, and more.

It was founded in 2008, and they leveled up their features and tools during these years. It is not budget friendly and quite costly compared to its alternatives. It has a 30-days free trial plan, so you enjoy the features. Moreover, after one month, you can choose paid plans.

What Top Features Does Hootsuite Offer?


hootsuite review

Finding new ideas or content is quite difficult, and it becomes harder to deliver it daily. We can lose productivity as time passes because we need to get the desired reaction or response from the public, so we need proper assistance which handles and monitors social media platforms like Hootsuite.

HootSuite offers all-in-one publishing tools for your several social media accounts like it informs you when to publish the content on social websites to get more engagement. It assists you in scheduling your content. Hootsuite powered by AI suggests new ideas for your post and generates captions for your social media platforms. It saves many hours by scheduling your content and organizing hundreds of posts simultaneously. It provides you full access to maintain your week or month in advance so your brand or business is uplifted, and you can increase engagement with the public.

You can view your previous or scheduled content in a calendar, fill the content gaps, and collaborate. It allows you to pause its action if you are not in the mood for functioning or other circumstances. It generates hashtags that increase your website’s traffic and allow you to connect more with the audience.

HootBio can generate a simple and customized link, and you can use it for multiple social platforms. makes your post more attractive through the publishing features. You get access to Canva to create templates, or you can customize them. It checks grammatical and spelling errors so the delivered content is filtered from mistakes. You can also use Buffer because it is similar to Hootsuite, has great features for scheduling and publishing post, and gives you an easy and clean interface to navigate your post more efficiently.

Inbox and Engagement:

Hootsuite gathers all your multiple social media and app messages in a single place. It helps you to function listening streams,auto-responder, assignment tags, and many more. Its engagement and messaging features allow you to connect your social media managers and customer service teams. Its inbox never leaves any messages or DMs to be responded to. It creates a friendly relationship between your team members and fans/followers. It efficiently brings multiple social media channels, mentions, and messages into the easy dashboard. set up listening streams for curated topics, added value, joined the conversation, and uplifted engagement.

It generates SLA alerts that bring the most important messages and posts to your attention. You can set up saved replies and responses so your fan or follower is not ignored. Supervisors can also get access to monitor the conversation, CSAT in real-time, and topics with monitor tools.                 

You can utilize the Hootsuite stream interface as a social media tracker. You can keep track of mentions. It’s an important feature for big companies. Your dashboard will reload every ten minutes by default, but you can also set it manually.


Hootsuite puts your content into multiple dimensions to inspect the quality and progress of the content. It has demographic statics that depicts your social media platform’s content metrics and its growth. You can work on top-performing posts so you will be aware of the public demands and what should be done to improve engagement. provides reports of all the content progress, which can be shared with your team members. You can track your customized social media content analytics. It saves lots of time and makes it easy for you to create templates for posts.

It can also help you analyze your previous posts’ history and followers’ trends and needs. It also suggest the best time for posting.

Facebook analytics: you can see hundreds of post and page-level metrics.

Instagram analytics: track the performance of reels, feed posts, stories, and more. Twitter analytics helps track metrics, monitor mentions, and find top-performing tweets.

TikTok analytics: suggest the best time to post so it’s a high chance to go viral. Also, find where the views came from.

LinkedIn analytics:  helps you find what’s working for organic and paid posts.

Pinterest analytics: helps in making successful campaigns by analyzing website visits.

YouTube analytics: helps in analyzing YouTube performance alongside your social media channels. Set up an automated report to remain informed.

OwlyWriter AI:

hootsuite review

HootSuite offers it’s one of the magnificent tools, “OwlyWriter AI“. It’s not only a tool but assistance that makes things easy for you. It helps in posting content like content studio use AI-generated on social media without wasting time. It generates multiple ideas for your business or brand. Well, this tool is totally free for all users for a limited time. It is more than a basic GPT plugin. Hootsuite has been functioning for a long time and knows each aspect of promoting or marketing your brand and businesses.

It creates captions, suggestions, also shorten the URL links and reduces the chaos. OwlyWriter AI recreates the post without any duplications so that you can recycle the content repeatedly. It helps you track upcoming holidays or celebrations so you can deliver relevant content and increase engagement. It does not directly post the content. It allows you first to review it or edit it as needed.

Hootsuite integrations:

hootsuite review

HootSuite integrates with multiple editing and Social media platforms so you can work peacefully without compromising the quality of content. It makes things easy for you, so you don’t need to zoom out to other platforms every time for editing or putting in simple graphics. Well, it integrates with many platforms. It also gives full access to multiple apps needed for marketing and promoting your business and brand. offers these platforms and apps

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • Tiktok
  • Google my business
  • Hootsuite Syndicator
  • Linkedin Hashtags analytics
  • Cloud view for Hootsuite
  • Hubspot
  • Panoramiq Insights
  • MailChimp
  • Shopview for Shopify
  • Canva

Social listening

Organizations grow rapidly without any glitches or drawbacks if they always prioritize their customer’s needs. Hootsuite knows the importance of being aware of customers’ needs and voices. They offer a specific social media management tool which is “social listening”. It connects you with the audience by creating a happy relationship if you know the public demands and opinions to boost engagement, which benefits your business or brand.

Create a stream to monitor what people are talking about your brand and view the mention, keywords, and hashtags. It will help you to make a strategy to focus on the needs of customers and increase sales. Create a feed to quickly respond to negative comments, maintain customer satisfaction, and protect your business reputation by solving your customer’s issues.

Hootsuite pricing and Plans

hootsuite review

Hootsuite is ideal for big companies and brands but also offers a plan for meeting small business needs. Any business, huge like Fortune 1000 or just a single individual, can find a plan that fits their budget and needs.

They also offer free hootsuite plans, but it’s suitable who are social media for fun rather than for business. They offer 30 day free trial for professional and team plans. Try a free trial and then choose a paid one. They offer 4 types of plans.

it offers $99/ month. 1 user can manage 10 social media accounts. Also, access to unlimited posts, post scheduling, hashtag suggestions, messages in one box, basic analytics, and the ability to boost posts up to $500/ month.

Team: it offers $249/ month. 3 users can manage 20 social media accounts. Includes everything in professional, plus you can assign posts to team members, roles and permissions, automated link tracking, and the ability to boost posts up to $2000/ month.

 Business: it offers $739/ month. 5 users can manage 35 social media accounts. Includes everything in the team, plus you can do Approval workflows, Inbound/outbound tagging, Saved replies, auto-resolve conversation, Content & asset library, Hootsuite support, and the ability to boost unlimited posts.

Enterprise: you can contact for pricing according to your needs. You can add 5 or more users for 50 or more social media accounts. It includes Social ads management, Social ads analytics & reporting, Employee advocacy, Team productivity reporting, and Additional automation tools for social media customer service.

Hootsuite Alternatives:

Content studio is an Al generated social media management tool which allow the user to create desired content by modifying it. Content studio provides automatically posting on famous social media accounts at a time.It is budget friendly and comes up with 14-free trial . It schedule your posting moreover it has calender to keep track on your posting.

Social pilot comes up with various features to encourage and thrust your posts. It assists your social media accounts moreover schedule content on different social media platforms. It can post content for you automatically on popular platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, TikTok, and Tumblr. You can try it for free and then upgrade to the paid version with more automation features.

Buffer ensure that the audience interaction must be built organically. On the other hand, it’s budget-friendly and extremely good for promoting small businesses or companies and brands. It has features to ensure that your published content must be accurate and relatable to the audience. Buffer publish is the main app by which you create and schedule upcoming posts. Many people refer to “Buffer,” but they actually want to address Buffer Publish.

Hootsuite Pros & Cons:


  • You don’t have to download it because it is a web-based tool.
  • Hootsuite free trial valid for professional and team plans. It helps you to know the depth of its features and learn how to use this tool for your business.
  • Hootsuite apps for Android and iOS are available.
  • It allows you to use many apps from their app directory to manage better and market your social media.
  • It is one of only a few social media management tools that help manage various YouTube accounts from the Hootsuite dashboard. It also schedules your video posting, and you can utilize a custom search to find the best content.
  • Allows you to add your blog’s RSS feed and automatically share your latest blog posts.
  • You can make a good relationship with your customers by responding to comments and mentions
  • It also offers collaboration and teamwork.


  • Free trial allows you to access only 3 social media accounts, and if you want more, then you have to select a paid plan.
  • The dashboard might need to be clarified for beginners.
  • If you want to add the links in your message, remember it works with limited specific URL shorteners (such as ow.ly, owl.li, ht.ly, htl.li).
  • Adding more users than allowed costs a lot of money.
  • Unlike the content studio, its pricing is high for small businesses and individuals.

Hootsuite Academy:

hootsuite review

An online learning platform offered by Hootsuite is known as Hootsuite Academy. It provides many online courses and training with certification programs to enhance your social media marketing skills. It gives you important social media management skills like strategy, content creation, analytics, publishing, etc. Hootsuite Academy skills are up to date always so that you can make more growth in your work. It gives you a certificate to enhance your profile by showing it to your clients. The trainers are experts in social media marketing, and you can schedule your learning time at your convenience. Hootsuite Academy also provides webinars, blog posts, and case studies to expand your knowledge in the social media marketing world.

Hootsuite Final Verdict:

Hootsuite is a famous social media management tool, it gives you so many features and provides a vast integration with others. Hootsuite is, no doubt, expensive for small businesses for what you’re getting, whereas content studio gives you the same feature for less amount. Hootsuite is the best for large companies mostly. In the trial, if you want to cancel, it’s easy to delete your account. And if you switch to different social media management tools, it’s easy to ask for a refund of your paid amount.

It is easy to navigate interface, and Hootsuite Academy makes a Hootsuite vital toolkit for its users. You can manage your post scheduling, analyzing performance, social listening, content scheduling, and more to enhance your social media growth. It will help you to make a really good outcome.


Q: What forms of payment does Hootsuite accept?
Hootsuite accepts Visa, MasterCard, JCP, PayPal, and Discover credit cards. They invoice for business and enterprises plan, which are paid by credit card, check, wire, or ACH.

Q: Can only small business use Hootsuite?
Hootsuite is suitable for all sizes of businesses. The professional plan is good for medium size companies that want to avoid detailed analytics. If you have a big business, you must spend more to get their business and enterprise plan.

Q: Is Hootsuite easy to use for beginners?
Hootsuite makes its interface easy for beginners by providing educational resources like Hootsuite Academy, webinars, white papers, blog posts, and more.

Q: Can you schedule Instagram reels on Hootsuite?
Yes, it will easily schedule your Instagram reels. Record your video, and upload it in the Hootsuite composer window. Schedule your time for posting the reel.

Q: What makes OwlyWriter AI different from other AI writing tools?
It is more than a GPT plugin. By giving a simple prompt, you get your required text for posting. Hootsuite OwlyWriter AI knows when events are coming, and they help in making relevant content.

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