Grammarly Review: Best Writing Editing Tool For All

Grammarly review

As in the modern world, we are getting better and faster technology daily and efficiently doing our work. Today I am writing this Grammarly Review for writers whether you are professional writers, students, bloggers, hobbies, writers, or any type of writer.One needs to convey his message clear and accurate, with no silly grammar mistakes.

If You think you care enough to make good writing content without any mistake, you are still a human being. we can make short grammar mistakes. Or you are that type of person who always has grammatical error issue. Whether you are writing a book or crafting a professional email or submitting a paper, having a professional proofreading software can be a lifesaver. But with so many different sets of editing software out there, which ones give you the biggest bang for your buck.

To overcome this problem, I will discuss Grammarly Review, which is one of the best Grammarly checkers and writing editing software.

What is Grammarly:

Grammarly launched back in 2009, so now it’s been around about 11 years now. It was founded in Ukraine by Alex Demetriou Max, and they all are founders over this software. Grammarly’s concept allows you to automatically detect potential grammar, spelling punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes within your writing. It is a digital writing tool that helps you improve your grammar sentences and improve your chances of getting caught for Plagiarism now. You can download Grammarly on iOS enter as a third-party keyboard.

Grammarly is my favorite proofreading software. It not only helps check and monitor my online writing like Facebook, blogging, and even forums but also enables me to check my papers, book, and scripts. According to Grammarly, they have over 34000 and 4.5 plus reviews Star rating and over 20 million daily active users as well.

Is Grammarly good for you:

Of course, it is really worthwhile for those who are deficient in grammar correction and spelling checking. Grammarly offers a free and premium version of this software. In a free account, you will get grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This is really the basics, and it will help you to eliminate any errors. So it’s really focusing on just the basic. I am the user of Premium Account right now, and it gives me more benefits instead of the free version. 

Moreover grammarly gives you the readability to your writing content. It makes your content look like a professional. You will also get vocabulary enhancement, suggestion, genre-specification writing style check, which is important for fiction writers. 

So finally, you can accept that without any issues, you get that something called readability. This tool identifies the sentences and gives you the recommendation to rewrite or read it, so did you understand. And that can be incredibly useful if you have written something and made sense in your head.

Main features of Grammarly:

Proofreading software:

It has the power to rewrite your sentence in a short and easy form. If found any spelling mistake, error, and also catch the repeated words. It makes it easy to read and understand for readers. 

Plagiarism checker: 

It is the feature of the premium version; it makes your content writing unique. If you copy-paste any content from other websites or unintentionally do this, this tool makes sure your writing is free from copying. 

Spelling check:

When you have fast writing, then you might be a mistake in text spellings. But don’t you worry because it has its feature to correct the spelling with great accuracy. It marks red underlines into your wrong spelling and suggests correct spelling in blue.

Vocabulary Enhancement:

Great words have the charm to steal someone’s attention. It is really a brilliant feature of Grammarly, and if you are using the same vocabs in your content. They suggest some other synonyms of that word. By doing this, your content looking very engaging and extraordinary.

Checking grammar rules:

This tool creates your work free from grammar errors. It scans your content and mark red underline in any grammar error and suggest a correction in blue.

Citation Suggestion:

Suppose you are a student, then it’s accommodating for you to make well-organized work. It indicates several sources from where the statement might have been quoted. This feature enables you to save your precious time finding these small things.

Handbook of Grammarly:

It is a free guideline for peoples to understand English Grammar rules and styles of writing.

Grammarly answers actively:

If users want to contact with Grammarly team, they are genuinely active communities, allowing users to ask anything about different writing topics.


This Grammarly feature exhibits data regarding the bit of literature like the number of letters, words, paragraphs, characters, sentences, etc.

Grammarly review


Free version:

A free version is undoubtedly useful for beginners level writers. Users getting limited access to the main features and do your work in excellent condition

Easy to Use:

This software is pretty easy to use. It detects your error directly by the login. There is no need for technical jargon at all

Efficient tool:

It is one of the best and popular grammar checkers. Rather than using Microsoft Word and different text editor for finding grammar errors, this is ultimately far better than these. It suggests the correct spelling, grammar error, vocabulary, rewrite the text, highlights the punctuation, also Plagiarism detection.

Active Support system:

If users have any issues regarding this tool or different writing topics, they can get help anytime. They have an excellent active support system.

Clear Readability:

When you make any mistake, it’s just not correct but also explains why is your mistake is being wrong. It makes your work powerful and accurate also gives you the perfect readability. Without reading ability, your content makes your time waste.

Tone detection:

  • You also get limited access to something called tone detection, which is the very recent technology that they have launched but essentially, when you are writing.
  • It will analyze that writing and basically give you almost like this rating, for example.
  • It says your text sounds relaxed, formal, polite, many more.


Expensive Software:

As a matter of fact, it is a costly tool, and if you want to get all of the benefits, then you have to buy a premium version, which is quite expensive. This is the main advantage of this software

Limited languages:

It is certainly the most significant disadvantage for users who want to edit different languages of articles because this software just edits an English language article.

Various Ways to use Grammarly:

School and College students: Students usually make notes project, lectures, assignments, exams Notes for their course work.  However, they have to do error-free writing, as they really need such software to make their work perfect.

Faculty members: As we know that teachers, professors, lecturers, and the instructor need this type of software to make a proper writing essay, dissertations, and other writings for their students. If your school or universities do not have a plagiarism tool, “then this is a good bet for them.

Grammarly review

Freelance writer: People who used to write articles for their freelancing work has to meet the required standards. They really need this software to help them in every way by checking spelling mistakes, grammar errors plagiarism and make them sure error-free writing.

Non-native English speakers: This software is also grateful for The people whose English language is not their native language. They use this software to get help in studies as well as various work.

How to use Grammarly in different ways:

Grammarly is an internet-based tool, so you have to connect to using this software. There are several ways to use Grammarly, which described below:

Grammarly web tool:

In the first place, a simple way of using Grammarly extra copy and paste your writing directly into the Grammarly web tool. For doing this, click “new” in the dashboard, and you will get a blank page. Then paste your writing and wait for few seconds, and you will get a complete analysis of spelling punctuation and every error about your writing. If you have a complete document file, then you can just upload choosing new, click on “upload,” select a document, and it analyses this in the same way.

Desktop app:

There is two desktop application one for Windows and one for Mac, if you want to check your writing by the desktop app  then download the app from the “download page” and go along with the installation guide and you will be tu able to start using this tool.

MS Word:

You can utilize Grammarly add-in directly with MS Word. But it is only available if you are running Windows. Visit add-websites and read the instruction of how to add-in into word; after that, it will check whenever you write something.

Browser extension:

It is an easy way to use Grammarly. You can get the link of Extension on the homepage or search for the software “Grammarly” in the Chrome web store. just add this Extension into Chrome, and, robotically, they can check your writing when you use it on different websites. There are also other sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google documents, Gmail, Messenger, yahoo outlook, etc.

On your phone:

This feature is available for both iOS and as well as for Android. This software has its keyboard, which you can use on your phone. You can download this app from the PlayStore. Whenever you’re writing, they can’t find your mistake. It is beneficial for typing messages and Emails.

Pricing structure:

There are two types of version free version and premium version, and we discussed the features they have.

Grammarly Pricing

Free version:

In the free version, you get access to the browser extension, the Microsoft Word, the Outlook plugin, personal editor on Grammarly, and the desktop app .inside of those, you can access over 150 different critical and spelling rules to check. You will also get your writing performance states via email, which is pretty cool. Inside of this, you get limited access to something called conciseness. Conciseness is basically adapting things that you can make smaller, more easy-to-follow sentences.

Premium version:

On the other wind, the premium version improves better than the free version. Besides, it has 400 features like citation suggestion, plagiarism detector that chats more than 16 billion web pages, readability, Genre-specific writing style check, vocabulary enhancement, and so on. It is available for an individual. It starts at $11.66 per month.

Business plan:

It is available for teams of 3 o 149 and It gives all features of premium and also Admin panel, Centralized billing Priority, email support, Single sign-on, Style guide. It starts at $12.50 per month.

Final verdict:

As you can see from the Grammarly review, it’s clear why you should use Grammarly. Grammarly free version is a treat for writers, and the premium is really worth buying. Grammarly gives more strength to your writing skills. 

In my vision, this software will never replace it as a human editor. However, it is really helpful for those whose occupation is related to writing like a student, teachers, freelancers, job seekers, or anyone who wants to learn English. It gives you plenty of advantages. If you want to do publically professional writing, then go for a premium package; otherwise, a free version is already available and plentiful for short written writers.

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