eClincher Review 2023: Social Media Management Platform

Social media platforms have become the center of marketing due to their whooping responses and growth. Many businesses or brands are running in the market, but only a few are setting the benchmark. Social media management is not easy at all. The one who properly represents their products or brand achieves the desired goal. Today we have multiple social media management tools, but only a bunch of software can handle your brand or business. In my case, I prefer the quality over quantity. I need basic and prominent tools for my profiles. That’s why I’ve been using the content studio for a long time and am satisfied.

I used and went through eClincher, a social media management tool, for my audience to give the most genuine review. Today I examine every feature of eClincher, whether it’s scheduling, engagement, or handling the bulk workload.

 What is eClincher?

eClincher claims to be the perfect social cloud-based media management tool for uplifting and running brands and businesses. They have plenty of customers, and HootSuite or Buffer are mentioned as their alternatives. eClincher has tools, but as we all know, every software has some specialty. It was founded in 2012 by Gil Salamander. During these 10+ years in the market, they achieved many certificates of authenticity and credibility.

Compared to other social media management tools, it has all the tools required to handle and manage profiles. It offers great scheduling and publishing tools which surprisingly increase traffic on your websites. It has a wonderful dashboard and inbox to receive the bulk of client queries and messages. It tracks the performance and helps you to update it according to the latest trends. eClincher comes up with a free Library to store content for upcoming posts or to recycle old content so you always have enough content.
It has 14- days free trial. You can get access to its 4-different plans.

 Small business & Medium Business 
  • You can schedule multiple posts, and it automatically does many tasks assign by you.
  • It helps you to analyze the activity and strategies of market competitors.
Agency & Enterprise:
  • It has a built-in dashboard that helps to manage the bulk work.
  • You can get built-in customized reports and manage workflow.
  • It has team Collaboration features that ensure that your brand looks more prominent.

Mainly you get all the basic and advanced tools in their plans according to your need. eClincher is a costly option, but it’s worth using.

What Top Features Does eClincher Offer?

It has many features that can enhance your content quality and make everything easy and organized for you.

Publishing and Advertising:

eClincher put forward tremendous features enabling users to publish content on different platforms. It maintains the quality of your content without declining its stability. It controls the workflow by organizing it so you can’t get frustrated by the workload. You can engage with your audience more efficiently through its features and get to know what your audience wants to see or search for. Its great responsibility to publish curated data that is reliable and to the point.

It sends reports and gives demographic statics of the progress. eClincher gathered the most authentic sources and content for your publishing and advertising. It recommends the latest business tactics for advertising your brand or business. You can publish attractive posts with its advanced editing tools such as Wave Video, Canva, and image editor. It allows you to access free media libraries and add images, gifs, videos, and emojis. Its dashboard gathers all platform’s queries in one place, which is beneficial for collaboration and engagement to boost advertising campaigns. You can shorten the long unwanted URL into simplified links and add hashtags, increasing website traffic. It saves up lots of time by suggesting your content.

eClincher Engagement:

eClincher provides a great platform to connect with your fans/followers, clients, or customers in one place. You can swiftly reply to the messages and DMs in the meantime as well as it decreases the hustle. It depends on you which type of conversations and data you want to insight into and work out with your team members. eClincher detects and analyses people’s true emotions and sentiments about your brand or business.

The accuracy rate of reports could be better, but still, you can edit them. You can declutter the messages into categories such as social media profiles, team members, and different types. You don’t need to login into multiple social media platforms to reply and handle interactions like liking, retweeting, and mentioning by its smart dashboard feature. At last, it has all the necessary elements, which save lots of time and maintain the consistency of engagement.

Advanced analytics:


eClincher efficiently manages to provide you with accurate analytics and metrics of your brand or business progress. Its advanced analytics feature allows you to :

  • Make strategies to deliver more engaging content by tracking audience responses.
  • You can access market competitors’ reports, Google analytics, and cross-channel analysis.
  • It helps you to evaluate hashtag performance, campaigns, impressions, reach, the good time to post, traffic conversions, clicks, and many more.
  • It generates adjustable reports; you can customize many reports per your need and preferences.
  • It’s quite right to say that it provides a great toolset for analyzing the demographics statics of your brand and business.
  • The last but most important feature is its dashboard, which lets you get detailed data reports.

Collaboration benchmarking:


eClincher proficiently allows you access to its team and client collaboration features which does wonders for your brand or business. It provides you with great features as you can

  • Share workflows and calendars so your team and agencies work properly on time.
  • You can assign numerous tasks and tags or important notes which should be kept in insights before publishing the content. It allows you to view the log history.
  • Handling and managing content and collaboration through drafts, notifications, and comments is quite helpful. You can also assign multiple roles by using a single dashboard. eClincher helps you to tag your members, view their history and add notes.
  • It is great for agencies who want to track every activity of clients on social media platforms. You can use eClincher’s approval workflow by which you can allow internal and external clients to collaborate. You can add them as approvers so they can view tasks as commenters or Viewers.

Suggested content:

Social marketing is a long race, and it demands new things every day. If you fail to deliver the desired content, you may leave behind the scenes.eClincher understands that it’s hard to come up with new ideas every day that’s why they introduce the Content suggestions feature. It suggested popular content according to your search topic, filtered by location, date, relevance, and video content from relevant resources. It tracks which things attract your audience more and what they are searching for. You can schedule the suggested content into queues and add it to the calendar.

Visual calendar:


eClincher creates a visual calendar that schedules your posts for upcoming publishing and advertising. You can add posts on different days and customize new posts as needed. It quickly edits the posts, recycle them, color-codes them, and deletes content. It maintains the consistency of delivering curated content in the meantime. It has a simple drag-and-drop option for scheduling your posts.

eClincher pricing and Plans


eClincher pricing has three plans. You can also start your 14 day free trial of any following plan, and after that you can choose according to your preference.

Basic: It charges $65/month and $702 if paid annually. You can add up to 10 profiles for 1 user. Providing essential features best for individual and small businesses.

Premier: It charges $175/month and $1890 if paid annually. You can add up to 20 profiles for 3 users. Providing advanced features best for growing businesses and agencies. 

Agency: It charges $425/month and $4590 if paid annually. You can add up to 40 profiles for 6 users. It is best for larger agencies.

eClincher Alternatives:

Content studio is an Al generated social media management tool which allow the user to create desired content by modifying it. Content studio provides automatically posting on famous social media accounts at a time.It is budget friendly and comes up with 14-free trial . It schedule your posting moreover it has calender to keep track on your posting.

Social Bee

Social bee exclusively manage multiple social media accounts with Commendable techniques.It create room to schedule the posting on different platforms at the time and saves lots of time. Its affordable for everyone.


Hootsuite is a tool kit that manages, monitors, and handles social media platforms without any hustle. Its all-in-one social media management tool ensures your content’s quality and organizes it for future posts. It offers many tools and features as content studio have, like scheduling, posting, curated data, inbox, OwlyWriter AI, analytics & reports, and more.

eClincher Final Verdict:

There’s no doubt that eClincher is a wonderful social media management tool, and it is a good option. As mentioned above, I go through many features and then give my final verdict about eClincher. Some prominent features of it include that it efficiently allows you to overview all over performance through its analytics features. Moreover, it suggested you many ideas, tactics, and strategies for upcoming publishing and advertising. It generates a social inbox to gather the latest mentions, comments, and messages. They are familiar in the market.

They have been working since 2012 and progressing as we all know that everything has some pros and cons. The main drawback is it’s not easy to use at all. On the other hand, its alternative, Content Studio, has a simple UI that allows new users to work proficiently. It has great value in money as compared to eclincher.On the other hand, it’s an alternative, Buffer offers AI assistance to all its plans, including the free trial plan, but eClincher offers it on its premier plan.

But first, you should try eClincher free trial. If you found suitable, then subscribe to your preference plan.


Q. Are eClincher providing good customer service?
A. Yes, eClincher offers great customer support through chat, email, and a knowledge base. It helps the new user with tutorials, videos, and webinars.

Q. Does eClincher provides any integration with marketing tools?
A. Well, eClincher integrates with many platforms like Bitly, Canva, Google Analytics, and many more. It helps to enhance the quality of the content.

Q. Can eClincher be capable of handling multiple social media platforms?
A. Yes, eClincher helps to manage multiple social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on. You can manage posts for various social media platforms.

Q. Does it helps track and manage social media mentions and comments?
A. Fortunately, eClincher comes up with wonderful tools that manage and monitor many activities. You can respond to messages, mentions, and comments.

Q. Can we use eClincher on smartphones?
A. You can use eClincher on your mobile phone, whether iOS or Android. It saves lots of time. You can log in through your smartphone.

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