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We are living in an era where everything is just a click away. During this pandemic, the remaining things are being shifted to online For instance; people are working from home, most schools, colleges, and universities have moved their classes online. The same is the case for shopping, and most people are enjoying online shopping from daily groceries to smart gadgets. So we can conclude that E-commerce stores are leading the market. Among all eCommerce stores, Easystore is providing the best eCommerce platform for beginners.

What is an Easystore, and how does it work?

Easystore is a Malaysian based platform mainly for the beginners of online stores. As the name suggests, this platform has helped many entrepreneurs to develop their online stores with ease. Do you know what the reason for the success of the easystore is? This store is famous for its sophisticated features and competitive pricing. After so many successful stories from Malaysia, easystore is calling for the Ecommerce operators from the USA, we know that the USA already has leading eCommerce stores like Shopify, Squarespace or Wix.

In this article, we will review whether easystore competes with these leading online stores or not. This article will help you decide whether an easystore proved to be the best solution for an eCommerce website. I hope by the end of this article you will gather enough knowledge about an easystore that will help you to decide on the best solution. So let’s dig in.

We will talk about some pros and cons of the Easystore Pricing first.


  • Easystore is offering Lite plans at a very affordable rate i-e $13.30.
  • Doesn’t charge any transaction fees.
  • You only need a single click to set up for the website or theme selection.
  • More than 40 payment gateways are available.
  • Also offers lots of extra freebies and apps.


  • Doesn’t provide any app for phone management.
  • If you are selecting the Lite plans, you will not get the POS system.
  • They won’t offer any online supporting content.

Easystore is a local website builder, it is easy to use, and you can set up your store with easy-store without much trouble. They are offering their Lite plans for beginners with less easystore pricing. While for others interested in diving in the sea of online marketing with limited investment, easy store has different ideas. For a startup, it requires 30 employees only. But this is not a barrier to the success of this company. At present more than 30000 brands are utilizing this platform to establish their online store.

Easystore VS other custom eCommerce platforms.

  • Easystore doesn’t ask for any startup fee, while other custom websites may charge 1500 RM to 15000RM depending upon the deal you choose.
  • You don’t need any programming skills for easystore, but for other webs, you require some programming skills.
  • You can start up with a single click while others require some specified star up depending upon the software you use.
  • Easystore is less expensive for beginners as compared to others.
  • All in all, you can say that an easystore is best among all.

Plans and pricing of easystore

Easystore provides three types of plans for its customers

Easystore, eCommerce platform for beginners,
  1. Lite plan —— best for beginners with less investment.
  2. Standard plan —— best for those who can invest some amount and already have some knowledge of online stores.
  3. Business plan —— best for people having their established stores with lots of products.

A punch pack from easystore is that they provide the website with step by step guidance, and you will end up with a perfectly polished website like a pro even if you don’t know anything.

Let’s dig into the details of how the online store is formed

Selection of your domain

For creating your online store, it is necessary to have a domain, and easystore offers you a list of different domain names so you can select the domain as per your desire.


EasyStore allows those who have the skills to edit the HTML and CSS of their site directly. This will be beneficial for those who love to tweak the overall design to get exactly what they want from the look of the site.

Theme selection for online store

Easystore, eCommerce platform for beginners,

For the creation of your online store, you need to select your theme that will reflect your product in the best way at your online store. Easy store offers the best themes with unique designs. Themes designing and selection is a difficult task, but with easy store you need to select the design from the given options. This will save you time, and you will move towards the next step.

Bulk tool upload

This is one of the main features of an easystore that allows you to import or export your products and product details from excel sheets to the main web page. On this page, you can edit the details of your products.

Payments and billings

Easystore, eCommerce platform for beginners,

No shopping is complete without a bill and payment, and for an online platform, it is necessary to provide easy access to the world’s major payment gateways. 

At this point again, the easy store takes the lead. It doesn’t matter if your customer resides in Malaysia or any part of the world; your site will show versatility when it comes to payment. Easystore offers more than 40 gateways for payments. From online banking to visa master, cash on delivery, and many more other options are available at easystore.


For shipping, you can set your shipping locations and set your cost accordingly. Sometimes you may offer free shipping for certain products like the other online stores.

Automated emails from your store

With an easystore, you can set up your emails in advance that you need to send to your clients. It is the customer’s right that he/she should remain acknowledged about their order confirmation to parcel fulfillment via email. These emails can be set up in advance, and they will be automatically delivered to the customer via an easystore platform.


After following these few steps, you are all set to launch your online store. See how simple it is to start a personal eCommerce store with easystore platform This is why an easystore platform is a highly recommended platform for eCommerce business.

If you are a newbie and don’t know how things go, it will be best to start your online store with easystore because it will guide you from the beginning to the end step by step.

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