Crowdfire Review 2023: Pioneering the Future of Social Media Management

crowdfire review

A little light can rekindle the surroundings and efficiently navigate the path to the stranger. With proper guidelines, one can go in the right direction. Social media platforms are the hub of Marketing and Sponsoring. What if you want to start your own business? Is it that much easy to survive? Or what would happen if you were the one who didn’t know how to survive in this dense and crowded social world? Well, many social media management tools exist, but can we rely on them blindly? The answer is Yes, only a few marketing tools can handle and manage your business proficiently, Like “Crowdfire,” which can do all the work needed to run a business online.

Today, I will give a crowdfire review and determine if it is worth it. Is there any advanced feature it offers? So let’s start and clear all the doubts.

 What is Crowdfire?

Crowdfire is a social media management tool with advanced analytics and features to handle multiple social media platforms. It’s not an ordinary tool that just handles your account, but it can do much more to establish your brand or business status. It promotes your brands professionally and strategically to attract more audience engagement. You can track analytics and your website progress by its (ROI)reporting feature.

Crowdfire is the first marketing tool to schedule TikTok posts with other famous social media platforms.Crowdfire provides a clear interface, allowing users to sign up easily without any complicated process. It has an issue in that it logs you out after some time and notifies you to log in again. All the social media management tools have this same issue, but crowd fire is quite different. It gives you reminders to log in to your account.

What Top Features Does Crowdfire Offer?

Crowdfire has all the main and needed features for social media Marketing. It can provide the best solutions for your business and make plans to achieve the desired goals. Let’s read all of these features in detail.

Content curation:

Crowdfire offers great features to ensure that you get access to curated content like articles, blogs, posts, images, and RSS feeds. It provides many relevant content sources, so you can save time searching for curated content for your websites. Using your dashboard, you can easily add an RSS feed to curate the articles.

All you need is to type the desired feed, select the feed, and that’s all. There are many social media management tools, but only Crowdfire offers image curation, which is needed to deliver the right content. It recommends images so you can share them on your Instagram and curate them. Crowdfire provides you with authentic and curated articles on multiple topics along with relevant images for publishing.

It generates a medium for you to connect your Etsy account, WordPress, Medium blogs,Etsy account, and YouTube account to schedule the latest product updates ,videos, and blog announcements.

Content Publishing & Scheduling:


Content publishing is the main task to uplift your social media accounts. Publish and schedule your accounts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn through one medium. We are all aware that we are crowded with many tasks, and sometimes, we forget to post or publish content, but crowdfire Advance scheduling features help you schedule posts.

You can select your desired date and time to publish the content. The crowdfire automation suggestion feature suggests the best time or the golden hour to publish your content on social media so you’ll get more audience interaction on your profile. It helps you to Customize the time on your own for Posting.

The prominent feature of crowdfire is “Queue Meter,” which generally tracks your posting like it showcases the additional posts you must create for the upcoming seven days. It assists you in creating a specific number of posts for your every linked social media account.

Your Queue Meter indicates a positive number when you need to add more posts to share. Crowdfire has a unified social calendar for organizing and tracking your post publishing and scheduling. It gives you insights into which specific day you post content or which day you don’t post anything. It doesn’t have lots of advanced calendar features like its other market competitors. You can get access to its calendar by choosing its higher pricing plans.

Crowdfire Analytics:

social media management tool

Crowdfire analytics measure and track the progress of your connected social media platforms. It has great demographic statics to showcase your activity, performance, growth, and more. It represents the data in graphics and charts, so it’ll be easy for the user to understand every aspect. It compares your progress with other market competitors, influencers, or Brand owners so you get complete insights into your position among others.

Crowdfire aim is to brush up on your content continuously so you get the required results. You can get access to your competitor’s top-notch posts and understand their business strategies. It gives a wide range of analysis for your multiple social media platforms like you can get audience metrics, Number of comments, Number of pins you pinned in, likes and dislikes, Watch time (On YouTube ), Card metrics, and others. Crowdfire’s advanced analytics features are only available for higher-pricing plans. You don’t get access to it while using its cheap plans, so small businesses and influencers must pay more.

Crowdfire Mentions:

social media management tool

Crowdfire not only gives you insights into other things, but it also helps you track every comment, mention, query, and reply in your team inbox through its social listening features. It can also monitor Twitter accounts. Its social listening feature is essential for brands because it helps them figure out their audience engagement and interest. It decreases the chances of disaster.

You can reply to the question through one platform. There are three ways to send a response: send a saved reply, upload and send images, or leave an emoji expression. You can efficiently send replies to multiple mentions more beautifully by sending images, videos, and gifs.

Chrome Extension:

Crowdfire allows you to share your content easily on multiple social media platforms. You can open the “publish composer” option from any webpage to schedule your post. If you like any blog posts, articles, or a sentence and you want to share it on your desired website, then you have to select the crowdfire icon on the top right of your screen, and it showcases post composer on your screen.

It allows you to create messages individually for every post you share, and the link, along with the page’s title, is attached to it. You need to create a message moreover schedule it. Crowdfire allows you to share lines you like on your accounts. The good thing about crowdfire is you can share images and you can also able to share retweets.

Mobile apps:

Crowdfire allows users to schedule, publish, post, and run campaigns through its mobile app. It has apps for iOS and Android users, so you can easily handle all the account activity. You can schedule multiple posts through its chrome extension feature, which maintains the consistency of delivering the content. Crowdfire Mobile apps function all the features that you handle through your PC.

Social trimmer:

Crowdfire knows you are working hard to establish your brand or Business and need assistance to increase engagement. It has the most prominent feature, “social trimmer,” which allows the user to follow those who follow your profiles and unfollow those who are not connected to you. It gives you motivation to make content for those who genuinely follow you.

Team Management:

Reviewing your posts before publishing when you are running a marketing agency or business is necessary. Crowdfire allows you to add your colleagues so you can easily assign multiple tasks to them so they can review and create posts.

The owner has all the authority to edit, create, approve, or reject any post. The editor has limited access. They can’t create new posts but can easily insight the post, approve it, or reject it, which is created by the specific users.

Crowdfire Pricing and Plans:

crowdfire pricing

Crowdfire has free plan and 3 paid plans.

Free: crowdfire allowed you to utilize a completely free version. You can upgrade after being satisfied with this tool. In the free version, features include 3 accounts, 10 scheduled posts per account, Chrome extension, unlimited article, and image curation, 1 day of social analytics, and advanced analytics except for Twitter.

Plus: It charged $9.99/month and $7.48 billed annually. Features include 5  accounts, 100 scheduled posts per account, up to 5 RSS feeds, a custom posting schedule, video post support, unlimited article and image curation, hashtag recommendation, 30 days for social analytics, and 90 days for advanced analytics except for Twitter.

Premium: It charged $49.99/month and $37.48 billed annually. Features include 10  accounts, 100 scheduled posts per account, up to 15 RSS feeds, a custom posting schedule, video post support, bulk post schedule with calendar view, unlimited article and image curation, hashtag recommendation, 30 days for social analytics, and 90 days for advance analytics except for Twitter, competitor analysis (2 competitors per account), can add and manage one profile and team member.

VIP: It charged $99.99/month and $74.98 billed annually.Features include 25  accounts, 800 scheduled posts per account, up to 25 RSS feeds, a custom posting schedule, video post support, bulk post schedule with calendar view, unlimited article and image curation, hashtag recommendation, 30 days for social analytics, and 90 days for advance analytics except Twitter, competitor analysis (20 competitors per account), can add and manage two profile and team member(further add at $25/additional profile or team member).

Crowdfire Alternatives:

Content studio is an Al generated social media management tool which allow the user to create desired content by modifying it. Content studio provides automatically posting on famous social media accounts at a time.It is budget friendly and comes up with 14-free trial . It schedule your posting moreover it has calender to keep track on your posting.

Social bee exclusively manage multiple social media accounts with Commendable techniques.It create room to schedule the posting on different platforms at the time and saves lots of time. Its affordable for everyone.

Social pilot comes up with various features to encourage and thrust your posts. It assists your social media accounts moreover schedule content on different social media platforms. It can post content for you automatically on popular platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, TikTok, and Tumblr. You can try it for free and then upgrade to the paid version with more automation features.

Buffer ensure that the audience interaction must be built organically. On the other hand, it’s budget-friendly and extremely good for promoting small businesses or companies and brands. It has features to ensure that your published content must be accurate and relatable to the audience. Buffer publish is the main app by which you create and schedule upcoming posts. Many people refer to “Buffer,” but they actually want to address Buffer Publish.

Crowdfire Pros & Cons:


  • User-friendly interface with easy navigation
  • Great engagement tools
  • Easy navigation & Dashboard.
  • Advanced and Competitive Analytics.
  • Free 14-day trial.
  • Image curation.


  • Limited content curation
  • Expensive paid plans
  • Not easy to link accounts

Crowfire Final Verdict:

The thing that captured my attention is its user interface, which is easy and elegant so that a new user doesn’t have any difficulty managing the account. Crowdfire has almost the same features as its other market competitors. You can schedule, publish, post, and do much more to uplift your business. By crowdfire, you can schedule and post for your TikTok account, which is rarely seen in other social media management tools.

Crowdfire has advanced analytics and customized reporting, which gives you complete and prominent insights into your business. These advanced features are not available for basic plans, which is unfair to small businesses or influencers. It annoys you with features like logging in again to your account after some time, but it notifies you. It provides curated content and image curation so you can easily post authentic and relevant content on your account.

All its features are wonderful. They should have an advanced visual social calendar. They offer the very basic and limited features of the calendar. Besides these, its market competitors analysis is good enough to see where you are standing or if you are doing right.

Crowdfire offers a 14-day free plan with advanced features, which helps you to understand it better. I have mentioned above that it’s super easy to use. Last, the final words are that it’s a good choice for your business or brand, and many alternatives, like content studio, social bee, sendible, etc., are available, so it’s up to you to choose the right solution for yourself.


Q.  Does it offer a free plan?
A. Crowdfire offers a free plan, but it has very simple and limited features. You have to buy its paid plan to experience more advanced features. Its plans are quite affordable.

Q.  Can we handle a TikTok account through it?
A. Fortunately, yes, unlike others, crowdfire allows its users to publish videos and schedule them for TikTok accounts. It notifies you when it’s time for publishing. It posts efficiently on your TikTok account and increases more traffic on it.

Q.  How many posts we can schedule for social media accounts?
A. Well, crowdfire offers a great number of scheduling posts. You can easily schedule posts from 10 to 2000, depending on your chosen plan.

Q.  Can we add multi-users to our crowdfire account?
A. Well, yes, you can add users to your account by its team Management features. These features are beneficial for Enterprises or business users.

Q.  How many social media platforms can we handle through Crowdfire?
A. You can manage and handle top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Q.  Do they offer a guide and customer service?
A. Crowdfire offers simple guides and easy tutorials to better understand the software’s functioning. Its customer service provides you with great assistance. You can ask questions through mentions, comments, and by calling.

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