Bigscoots Review: A fully Managed Web Hosting Company


Do you want to know about one of the best web hosting? I want to do a review for you on a bigscoots. I spent a lot of time in researching and trying to find the most optimal hosting.

You are here, that means you must have to look for a web hosting. Maybe a fellow site owner told you about them, or maybe you are trying to find an alternative to the current hosting that you may not personally know someone who uses bigscoots. You might be wondering whether their service is worth your time or money. Most of the people have not heard about bigscoots

In this review, my goal is to present all of the facts about bigscoots to help you decide if it fits you and is where you want to host your website. Indeed a website has intellectual property on it. You have your content, images, and many more. They all are stored in a place that will be protected that will be safe. So I am going to tell you about all the good and bad sides of bigscoots.

A Quick Overview:

If you are starting a new online business, the first thing you have to do is purchasing web hosting. Now you think what is a web hosting and why it is essential? Web hosting is the space that you need for your website content like audio, videos, images, etc. Web hosting consists of servers that permit online users from every corner of the world to be requested and access to your content on-demand.

It provides more technical support in optimal response times than its competitors, they are best known for optimal speeds and rapid and knowledgeable customer support.

How Bigscoots Work?

Bigscoots is located in Chicago, Illinois, with a team of technical experts and lots of servers. In this paragraph i will tell you about how it work. They provide their servers with the best environment to make sure high speeds, high uptimes, and optimal response for you and your visitors.

For getting hosting from bigscoots, create an account, and they will migrate your site or register your domain. Migrating your site is free, and they can also solve problems for you, such as speed issues, errors in codding, malware, etc. 

Bigscoots is a domain registrar, and you will pick the site URL and create the domain name from their website.

It also set down the improvement of websites from well respected hosting providers like Bluehost, In motion hosting, A2 hosting, Orange Geek, Siteground, and others

Get Started With Bigscoots:

You have to follow the following steps for getting start with bigscoots

Choose your plan:

It provides Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and dedicated servers. You would select the package that gives storage and bandwidth you need. If you are starting a new site, then you will have to start with one of the shared hosting plans and slowly increase as you increase the content and traffic on your site. 

Fix your Contract Length:

Bigscoots offers monthly, annually, or tri-annually packages. The discount depends on what package you choose, In short i suggest you select your package based on your budget and goals.

If you are serious, then I recommend you to go for an annual plan because if you become late or forget to give next time the amount, then your Website will not remain available for visitors. Long term packages are the best plan, and they also give a discount on that.

Domain Registration 

If you are a beginner and you need to purchase a domain name. A domain name is similar as your Website address. But only a single person has each domain name. Bigscoot is a place where you can check any domain availability, and then you can register your domain name.

Migrate domain: if you already have a domain, then create your account and enter your domain name and information. Bigscoots will migrate your Website free.

Install your Content Management

There are some content management system to select. WordPress is most usable and recommendable because of its and features and customizable. Some other conventional alternatives are 

  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Prestoshop
  • Magento and others
  • Customize your Website

After choosing your content management system, subsequently you will need to customize your Website by adding a theme, plugin, and content.

Who is Bigscoots For:

  • Bigscoots is best for websites owner who needs a lot of storage and bandwidth.
  • Those who don’t have an issue to pay extra amount for high quality, excellent customer support, and best optimal website.
  • The people who have problems with their current web hosting like billing issues, security problems, high-speed issues, or customer support problems.
  • Those who could admire free migration service to quit their current web hosting provider

Bigscoots Pricing: 

Bigscoots have three packages in shared hosting. Pricing packages are listed below.

Bigscoots Prcing

The First plan is 105CC in which if you select for 1 month it cost becomes 7.95$ per month, after that if you select shared hosting for 1 year it cost becomes 6.95$ per month. And if you choose for 2 years it becomes 5.95$ monthly.

The Second plan is 155CC so in this package if you select for a month its price is 10.95 and if you want for 1 year then it price becomes 9.95$ per month. If you choose for 2 years then its price is 8.95$ monthly.

The Third plan is Turbo Diesel, if you select for one month only they charged 19.95$ and if you want for 1 year then it price becomes 18.95$ per month. If you select for 2 years it price is 19.95$ monthly.


In this paragraph i am going to tell you about the pros of bigscoots.

  • They don’t rise the prices for existing customers as other hosting companies do.
  • The discount for long terms like annual biannual or triannual.
  • Have a fast customer support service.
  • They prove that websites from other hosting services like Siteground, A2 Hosting, Bluehost, Hostgator, others have gotten a lot faster speed when transferred to Bigscoots.
  • They have a significant technical support team, and they also help us with plugin issues, security problems, website speed, and other technical problems.
  • It’s great that they have been in online business for 8years and have a hundred percent customer satisfaction rate.
  • It is effortless to use Bigscoots therefore everyone should go for this.
  • They also managed your migrated site for free.
  • It also offers ClickFunnels and CloudFlare.
  • All employees of bigscoots trained sufficiently to manage to help in our site issues.
  • There is no negative review from any of the customers.
  • Additionally it gives high protection to data.
  • They offer 45 days guarantee, which is proof to the level of facility that expects from the company.


  • They don’t provide marketing support.
  • bigscoots don’t provide training for website owners who are fighting with their content marketing, site ranking, SEO, or paid ads.
  • The more significant drawback implies that non shared plans can only be paid monthly.
  • Sometimes you have to wait an hour for a response if you are not from the USA.
  • Resellers’ plans are much costly.
Bigscoots button


In conclusion we found bigscoots is one of the top recommended Webhosting. They offer amazing services and best customer care. If you want to start your own website or migrate your site, then Bigscoot is meant for you. Bigscoots available to answer your any and every question. At last go and manage your website today.

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