Animaker Review: Simple Web-based DIY Animation Tool

I spent a couple of days researching various animation software, but at last, I stuck on the Animaker tool. Animaker is a relatively easy, cloud-based DIY animated video editing tool to make truly impressive professional, personal, and business videos online for virtually any occasion or event. The built-in features and advanced functionality of this versatile program make Animaker an ideal tool for dealing with online video marketing’s ever-growing demands. You may be thinking about how to create an animation for your webpage online. Well, Animaker will allow you to do that quickly and effortlessly as well as quickly and easily convert your animations into a Flash format.

What Is Animaker:

Animaker is a professional digital animation program created by the creators of Adobe After Effects. This tool makes an excellent video for your business, presentation, personal project, and freelancing work. It is available on cloud-based service. It enables users to create professional animated videos with pre-made templates and characters. Also allows users to mix and use different styles in a single video to make it fantastic.

What makes it different from other animated short films? Animaker has many features that set it apart from other animation software packages. It is fully customizable and is compatible with both Mac and PC.

Moreover, it is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to make their own animated short films. This new animation software will help you immensely. It is perfect for beginners since it allows you to work with templates with all of your props and camera angles already made. It also comes with a video tutorial feature to understand everything you need to complete your project.

How Does Animaker Work:

  • Firstly you have to sign-in in this software then you will directly travel to the dashboard. 
  • From the dashboard, you can choose a blank template or a pre-made template. 
  • When you finished, this app will bring you to the workplace. 
  • It takes some time for loading graphics and libraries. 
  • When workplace load, as well as the tutorial, also load. 
  • It makes it easy to make for starting their own videos. 

Features Of Animaker:

Use 6 Different Style In Single Video:

If you want to create professional-looking animated short films, then Animaker might be the right option for you. You can use six different video styles like handcrafted, infographic, whiteboard videos, 2d videos, 2.5d videos, and more. Every element of video styles is divide into various libraries.


Tons Of Character Set:

The set of characters always upgraded with new characters. They are developed for business, entertainment, children, sports, teenagers, teachers, and much more.

Infographic Videos:

In infographics, the theme is really helpful in doing projects for students, marketing purposes, journalists to tell stories, and many more. In this software, we have 300 maps, charts, and properties.

Whiteboard Animation Style:

They have 5 whiteboard animation styles template which we can use free of cost. If you are interested in learning how to create professional-looking animated short films and are ready to get started, this software should be an excellent option.

Special Effects:

In this software, we will get some special effects as well as props and screen effects. Customized colors and special effects can make you an exciting presentation for viewers and let them engaged in your work.

Over One Million Templates:

The program allows you to access over one million templates to use as your foundation. As you add more templates to your project, you can simply add them to your project and then tweak your footage until you’re satisfied with the final result. When you have done, you can even export your finished product into the standard file format.

Pricing Plan:

Animaker Pricing

Free plan: 2 minutes video length, 5 videos export/month, SD quality uploads to youtube, unlimited and also Animaker branded videos. There are no downloads, few sound effects and music options, few characters, and props, upload own assets, no project version, and no commercial rights.

Basic plan: It starts at $10/month and $20/year. 5 minutes video length, 20 videos export/month, SD quality uploads to youtube, unlimited and also Animaker unbranded videos. SD downloads, some sound effects and music options, more characters, and props, upload their own assets, no project version, and no commercial rights.

Starter plan: It starts at $19/month and $228/year. 15 minutes video length, 40 videos export/month, HD/SD quality uploads to youtube, unlimited and also Animaker unbranded videos. HD/SD downloads, add more sound effects and music options, many characters, and props, upload their own assets, project version, no commercial rights.

Pro Plan: It starts at $39/month and $468/year. 30 minutes of video length, 00 videos export/month, full HD/SD quality uploads to youtube, unlimited and Animaker unbranded videos. Full HD/SD downloads, add plenty of sound effects and music options, so many characters and props, upload own assets, project version, and commercial rights.


  • This tool is accessible and user friendly. It is excellent software for making a creative presentation.
  • Also allows their users to export video without upgrading.
  • It gives pre-made templates and characters.
  • Additionally, users can use multiple styles in one video.
  • They also have basic tutorial videos in which you can learn to make videos from Animaker.
  • They have significant elements library.
  • It provides support and ready to help for fixing the problems we have faced.
  • We can create educational videos for students as well as a training tutorial for employers.


  • They have a terrible quality of videos until you sign up for an expensive package.
  • Animaker based on obsolete FLASH technology.
  • When we run a video with a flash player, it is prolonged and annoying to keep working.
  • Sometimes it makes page-freezing and maybe lose the results.

Final Verdict:

Animaker is one of the greatest video animation tools. It is also best for non-experienced users. If you want to make your video attractive and engaging for viewers, then go for an expensive package that gives you a full HD quality version with lots of emotions/characters. Another thing to consider when choosing an animation software is if it is compatible with your computer. If you are purchasing it to create a Mac or PC video, you have to be assured that your computer will be able to handle it.

The final decision about what to buy should not be one that is based on price alone. You must consider which features you would like and which ones you do not before you purchase

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