Agorapulse Review 2023: Boost Your Social Media Presence

agorapulse review

Agree or not, social media platforms need more time and effort to establish any kind of business or brand. You can only make your brand prominent by delivering curated and latest content.

It takes a lot of work to come up with the latest idea every day, so you need assistance suggesting the most relevant and demanding content.

Agorapulse is a top-notch social media management tool that enhances content quality. It has many features that are essential to your social media accounts. In my today agorapulse review, I will discuss its features, pricing, alternatives, and my final verdict.

What is Agorapulse:

Making decisions is challenging when it’s about your business. Agorapulse has modern technology and social media management tools. It has various features to ensure that your workflow is managed correctly. It reduces manual work and schedules your posting, publishing, and many more. It’s a costly option but a great choice for your brands and businesses.

Agorapulse launched in 2011, and between these years, it has shown tremendous growth. As we all know, growth is only possible if the body gets the required substances. Social media works with many functions, and we can’t omit any required substances otherwise, we will decline soon. It provides all-in-one social media management tools, so there is no need to hop up every time to modify data or to seek help from other software. The worst drawback is it does not connect with Pinterest. It doesn’t support post editing proficiently as compared to Content Studio.

Key features:

Let’s go deep down into its main features.

Analytics and Reporting:


Fortunately, it’s easy to track or monitor progress by simply putting it into demographic statics. Agorapulse proficiently show graphs, statics, and charts of how your content is progressing or what poor decision you have made, and now you need to rectify them. The Human brain functions effectively when the information it receives is simple and picturized. It allows the user to send the statics analysis to other team members as a report. It’s easy for everyone connected to your organization to work competently by viewing the results. Its analytics includes engagement, audience response, and Followers demographics. One can easily change strategies with an eagle view of the whole scenario.

  • Consistency is the key to success, agorapulse ensures how stably you share content and track the performance. It helps to shorten the UTM links for your multiple social media platforms post, comments, and messages.
  • It shows metrics of the progress you have achieved and why you dropped the line in graphs.
  • It helps to compare your social media platforms growth with different influencers or Business holders to give you a surety that you are on the right path.
  • Time waits for none, and it’s good to save time agorapulse provides automated features for making reports don’t need to waste time by making reports manually.
  • Agorapulse allows users to deliver social media ROI reports without being proficient or a Google Analytics expert.
  • It exhibited your content value along with the stakeholders, Clients, and team members by individually delivering reports so everyone became aware of the updates.
  • This feature is the one you can’t let go of while choosing a Social media management tool for your brand and business.

Social Listening:

Social listening is efficiently managed and boosts the content.Agorapulse has social listening features which are necessary as like other features. It gathered the opinions and comments from the audience, which is beneficial to enhance the credibility and growth of the brand or Business. Its social listening is only available on Instagram and Twitter.

It helps to track the keywords as well as phrases. Its fan and Followers section has automatically highlighted the most engaged followers. You can filter and listen to your most connected followers in many ways. It omits unnecessary results from your search.Agorapulse classified the fans/followers into ambassadors, Engaged, and influencers based on how they connected to your organization. You can label the content items such as important posts, competitors, and customer activity.

Social inbox:


Agorapulse knows how to tackle your messages, DMs, and queries without creating any chaos. It eases the path for you with its Social inbox feature by which you can supervise the organic messages, DMs, paid post comments, private messages, and reviews from one place.

  • You can handle Instagram and Facebook Ad comments. It allows you to delete or hide the comments which are not appropriate for your social ads.
  • Anytime you can get access to the statics which show the rise or decline of the content.
  • Agorapulse helps you to track and view the senders I’d or even profile for every comment and mention.
  • It allows you to Customize labels for users so it differentiates the users categorically, which provides great help to your team members.
  • It provides UTM tracking codes when posting links in your replies so you can track the growth of your social campaigns.
  • If the social inbox  feature is the main priority for you, then consider social bee as an alternative.


Store images or videos in your library and say good bye to tools like dropbox or Google drive. Social publishing needs the finest tools, a small mistake can ruin the whole post. Agorapulse offers an all-in-one social publishing feature. You can set your post by putting it into different publishing dimensions. It lets you publish content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms. Well, agorapulse uses a very simple and elegant UI for composing tools. It has three different panels. It provides a separate word count for multiple social media platforms.

You can edit or add new details to your post by its wonderful tools, and as the post is ready, you can publish it. It allows the user to publish content in bulk quantity. Agorapulse saved previous and new posts for your future publishing. It helps to recreate and recycle the content so your work always is on point. If you get tired or something important is on your way, you can pause agorapulse and resume it until you are ready.

Agorapulse pricing & plans:


Agorapulse has introduced 4- plans which include standard, Professional, advanced, and Custom (which can be customized by the need). It offers a 30-days free trial.

Free trial:  It includes 3 social profile+1user and 10 scheduled posts. It has a basic social inbox and reporting. It gives a listed Social media ROI report and can be handled through mobile apps. You can easily create a free account.

Standard: It charges $69/monthly and $49/annually. Includes 10 social profiles, unlimited post scheduling, social inbox, publishing calendar, reporting (ROI), and many more. Mobile apps can handle it.

Professional: It charges $99/monthly and $79/annually. Includes all features in Standard with commenting, Canva integration, Twitter threads scheduling, Team workflow, Social Listening(Instagram, YouTube), and much more.

Advance: It charges $149/monthly and $119/annually. Includes all features in professional with an additional content library, bulk approval and publishing and spam management, Automated Inbox Assistant, Saved replies, and much more.

Custom: to activate this, you must get a quote from Agorapulse. It cost depends on your requirements. Includes all features in advance with an unlimited social profile, unlimited shared calendar, dedicated account manager, and much more.


Great And latest Scheduling and publishing features, it competes with the Chrome extension to boot.

It has powerful reporting features and also delivers ROI reports. You must share reports with your team members, so it’s always good to view the progress.

Agorapulse has collaborated, and team Management features which help to work together on the same platforms so the results do not vary.

It has CRM features indicating which fans or followers are more engaged with your organization, and you can easily convert them into clients and customers.

It reduces a lot of burden by giving you access to multiple social media platforms without logging into them individually.

It extends its UI in Agorapulse inbox. It manages comments, DMs, Reviews, and comments on multiple social media platforms in a single place, and your website is not crowded.

It filters messages and DMs so you can choose whom to respond to. It helps to decrease the hustle, and you can work peacefully.


It’s not affordable at all you need to pay a higher amount per user. You are creating a team, so spending that much is not easy.

It’s not a good option for small businesses.

It doesn’t have post-editing features at all, making it difficult to post something wrong.

Its engaged platforms are quite difficult to use, and the user gets frustrated.

Agorapulse Alternative:

Content Studio:

  • Content Studio is an Al-generated social media management tool allowing users to create desired content by modifying it.
  • It schedules your posting and has a calendar to track it.
  • Content Studio automatically provides posts on famous social media accounts at a time.
  • It is budget-friendly and comes with a 14-free trial, so you can easily use it after selecting your required plan.


  • It helps to collaborate with the audience and increase engagement.
  • You can manage multiple platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat.
  • It keeps and manages all digital assets into one platform.
  • It gives suggestions for upcoming posts.
  • It is costly compared to other social media management tools.


  • It provides the user to handle multiple accounts.
  • It creates space for managing your team so the work can be done efficiently.
  • It keeps track of the growth of your social accounts.
  • It suggested content that is in trend.
  • It has a 14-day trial which allows the user to acknowledge its features.


  • Buffer is a platform that provides a wide range of tools to manage your social media accounts.
  • It has quite similar features like you can publish content, social listening, increasing engagement, analyze accounts and review the management.
  • It also offers ChatGPT -powered AI writing assistant.


  • Sendible is a growing social media management tool website. It provides a wide range of features for its users. It has management features like
  •  It creates space on the dashboard for the users to add more clients to the website.
  • Scheduling your posting on multiple social media accounts.
  •  It maximizes the quality of the content and makes it attractive.
  •  It’s quite expensive as compared to social bee but worthing.

Wrap UP:

We go through all the features and tools of Agorapulse. It’s a great social media management tool with a pile of features. What I like the most is that you can handle it with Mobile apps. Agorapulse has been functioning since 2011, and surprisingly, they have increased higher number of customers in these years. It is a tool bundle that handles and monitors your social media platforms. It’s costly compared to other social media management tools like ContentStudio, Buffer, and Social Bee. Agorapulse allows users to schedule, publish, Edit, Post, and report. Most importantly, handle multiple social media platforms comments, messages, and DMs in a single place without creating any hustle.

They also keep track of your inbox and inform you through emails about unseen messages or queries. Agorapulse has a 30-days free trial, which includes many features and tools that are enough for small business owners. Well, you can choose its paid plans as per requirements. I think the only possible problem of people not signing it is its pricing, otherwise, it’s a worthy social media management tool for any brand and business.


Q. Does Agorapulse save replies which are created?
A. Yes, agorapulse saved replies, and it saved lots of time. These features are available to Advance and Custom plans. It is helpful to manage multiple accounts and become more responsive.

Q. Can I label Items in my inbox?
A. It depends on your choice to declutter and organize inbox content by language, theme, or any other category.

Q. Is Agorapulse showing Instagram Stories analytics?
A. Well, agorapulse allow the user to have a separate Instagram report, and it has a dedicated separate section for the metrics of your Instagram stories.

Q. Does it track keywords/hashtags?
A. Agorapulse all 4-plans include unlimited keyword tracking on YouTube.On the other hand, you can also track hashtags on Instagram. Facebook and LinkedIn do not create keywords and hashtags.

Q. Does Agorapulse allows you to manage Facebook groups or personal profiles?
A. Yes, It allows you to manage Facebook pages as well as allow you to publish to Facebook groups. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to add or manage your personal Facebook account and profiles.

Q. Does it offer a free trial?
A. Agorapulse gives a 30-days free trial, which comes up with some main features. It is helpful for you to select your required plan. It has other paid plans like standard, professional, advanced, and custom.

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